Today one of my fifth grade students, who was being punished for leaving without being dismissed on another day, drew me a photo of his guardian angel. It was beautiful, drawn in pencil on notebook paper. I shall scan it in later to show you.

He is a beautiful child with marvelous brown eyes of Indian descent, I think (from India). He sometimes speaks of his grandmother who lives with them.

I think they all look at me as their “other” grandmother. I never many or any problems with them.

I think my life would have been different had I taught elementary education rather than the high school students. Their little lives can be shaped; they soak up information. They all have such different personalities; and strangely enough one can almost see those who seem to have the success qualities, the leaders, both good and bad.

In looking back on the lives of my childhood classmates, through this experience with these children, I can see many things I did not see until now. I was on a collision course with nonconformist ideas and actions. Would that a teacher had cared enough to maybe point me in a different direction, however, maybe this was my destiny.

My guardian angel, Uriel, must have been very ,very busy keeping up with me!
Do you know your guardian angel?

3 thoughts on “Angels

  1. This is so sweet. When I was little … probably the age of your student you speak of here, I used to dream about my guardian angel very night. Only once when I was an adult, in my 30’s, did that same guardian angel come to me in one dream. Haven’t seen nor heard from that angel since, at least not that I’ve been aware of. I wish I was more in tune, like that child. I hope you scan the picture so we can see it.

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