Perhaps I forgot to tell you, I got scammed this summer; paid $200 down to a self-appointed landscaper. He said “you will not have to pay me anything else until the job is finished.”

A week later he asks for $600 to pay laborers to help him.

Sanity walked out; stupidity walked in and I wrote him a check for $600.

I have never seen a job/yard look so bad. The tilling was very lumpy. I said it is to dry to try to till but every area got lumped up like a cotton field. He was an arrogant sort; knew everything and surely was smart at scamming little old ladies.

I called him in for a chat; asked for $300 back because I had spent hours chronicling the hours he had worked(said he got $15 an hour) and came up with this figure being very generous with time. He had said I did not have to pay until I was happy. Stupidity believed him.

He took down my address and wrote the number (300) and said I would get this within the week since I was so unhappy. ( how had he found me every day he chose to come?)

Stupidity believed this as well. Two weeks later sanity returned and a letter went out to his last known address with parameters spelled out.

Scammers disappear.

I hired young high school fellows and we tried to fix the mess. Finally yesterday we finished under the bedroom window.

The plants only cost $200+; I have not kept up with all I have paid but this I do know; this will be one expensive make over having lost $800. Up front!

I am embarrassed by my stupidly in missing that red flag.

Will upload from my phone images to let you see what we have finished so far.


8 thoughts on “Scammed

  1. Oh no, Linda. I don’t understand how some people can be so evil. Rest assured, we’ve all been taken by someone at some point. Don’t beat yourself up. My husband’s parents were scammed a while back. They almost sent money to someone who claimed to be their grandson and needed money. When they went to Western Union to send it, an employee there told them to call their grandson and make sure it was him. Sure enough, it wasn’t him, but some scammer.

    Hugs to you Miss L.

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    1. Thanks, Bonnie. The letter I sent to him informing him he had two weeks to comply, written after my two week wait, was sent to BBB. I had nothing in writing from him 😦
      So I took the hit! He was a smart one…I did not write much this summer because of this and traveling during thus time to both Boston and three times to Mississippi and being sick for two weeks with a severe sinus infection….yes I had stuff going on.
      Thanks for caring.


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