why blog

i write for myself

first to record the thoughts in my head

it kinda clears the cobwebs

do i have a theme


i thought i would write poetry and sometimes i did

i thought i would write family stories and sometimes i did

now i just write

sometimes i might rant

sometimes reflect

but always with the most honest

approach i have

in the simplest

words in my


i write

i love to hear from


if you have a

thought or two

if not

that is ok

i still write

i hope that perhaps someone will find something of value to add to their life

that is the why


23 thoughts on “About

      1. Am I completely befuddled this morning? (Yes, it’s probably so.) But, Linda, I can’t seem to find the main part of your blog, your most current posts. (Such as how you’re doing with your diet, etc.) Please tell me where to go!


        1. I don’t have a clue. Other people seem to be having this problem. Must be in my settings. I’ll check.
          Still holding at same weight. I guess it is my natural weight. Doc yesterday gave me 2 exercises to strengthen my left knee so I might can walk again without pain…just in case you don’t find me.

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          1. Oh I hope you’re find-able. Grin. Hoping those exercises work well and that your knee is pain-free soon again. I checked under all those tabs for your current posts, but nothing comes up. I hope you can find the setting to lead us readers back back into the fold…


  1. Bonjour Miss Bourgeois! 🙂 I love your “about”, too… 🙂 We do have a lot in common… glad to have come across your blog, another “proof” that everything does happen for a reason… 🙂 Amitiés toulousaines et à bientôt! Mélanie aka Cappy-Mel, catlover and dilettante générale assumée… 🙂

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    1. Bonjour Ms. Melanie. Everything happens for a reason is something I believe in as well.
      I had two cats and one dog…all gone….I will translate the rest of the French from my dictionary! 🙂


    1. I know comments are sometimes difficult for so many of my posts so I understand a “like”. When we get to know each other better you will understand. I click that button on blogs where Iknow the blogger will know I had no words. Thank you for this comment. It was a loooooong hard year for me. Happy New Year and welcome!


  2. All just great reasons to write. I note from the trail of comments you have been having knee pain – me too! So bad, so sad, so painful… hope it’s better for you. I limp along having found ways of doing so that cause the least discomfort. Not at all keen for knee replacement surgery!
    thank you, by the way, for the follow. truly appreciate it and look forward to getting to know you

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