why blog

i write for myself

first to record the thoughts in my head

it kinda clears the cobwebs

do i have a theme


i thought i would write poetry and sometimes i did

i thought i would write family stories and sometimes i did

now i just write

sometimes i might rant

sometimes reflect

but always with the most honest

approach i have

in the simplest

words in my


i write

i love to hear from


if you have a

thought or two

if not

that is ok

i still write

i hope that perhaps someone will find something of value to add to their life

that is the why



22 thoughts on “About

  1. Bonjour Miss Bourgeois! 🙂 I love your “about”, too… 🙂 We do have a lot in common… glad to have come across your blog, another “proof” that everything does happen for a reason… 🙂 Amitiés toulousaines et à bientôt! Mélanie aka Cappy-Mel, catlover and dilettante générale assumée… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know comments are sometimes difficult for so many of my posts so I understand a “like”. When we get to know each other better you will understand. I click that button on blogs where Iknow the blogger will know I had no words. Thank you for this comment. It was a loooooong hard year for me. Happy New Year and welcome!


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