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Weather gray and cloudy

rolled out of bed

dressed in workout clothes….hahaha

off to McDonald’s to visit with the WWII vets who meet there every morning

they give good advice and seem to know where to go for just about anything

they tolerate me as one of the guys, knowing I am not there to flirt or find a husband

they are genuine persons whom I respect and like

had an egg, cheese,bacon biscuits

came home and burned my throat with warm (hot) vinegar, water and honey…had to take to the bed while the pain went away, felt like a heart attach, kind of

just so you know, or care to know, I  am writing this as a diary for my children, in case they ever wonder, as I do, what my mother did every day.

My Day

the weather is gray with chance of rain

Breakfast: four white donuts; 2 cups of black coffee

Daughter called. She was 50 on May 23 and we had been playing phone tag

Had 2nd cup of coffee on neighbors front porch

Spoke with Chris about deck and tinting front storm windows to cut down the terrific problem of too much sun in the afternoon streaming in the 17 feet of windows in living room

Called lawn care service re cutting lawn. He changed prices from what he said on Friday to today 

Went to Staples to purchase ink for copier, printer, scanner, etc. while I was getting older, ink dries faster and cost more

On to Subway for a foot long heart healthy sandwich which will last a couple of meals. I do not cook. I doctored the 1/4 of the sandwich with sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, almond silvers. Had a bit of tomato basil soup and a chocolate Boost to balance out lunch!

Stopped on my street to talk to the lawn care company working at the McMansion yard

Now, I will read.

Two items worthy of mention: fired two teenage grass cutters

Called the eye surgeon about not disclosing that the drops I use at night turns your eyes from blue to brown. The only thing I liked about my face were my bluest of blue eyes. Now they are gray. This and other adverse reactions I am having to these eye drops for open angular glaucoma are not pleasant at all: now having asthmatic bronchitis rather than just bronchitis. I could go on but most things are reversible when stopping the drops except the eye color….really a bummer….must accept the situation. I am only upset that this was not explained to me at the beginning; I was not given the right to choose. When will doctors learn they are not God?

Every earth-life should be a Thanksgiving

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Every man, every woman on earth today is burdened with heavy debts, as the reciprocal effects or lawful returns or consequences of our wrong-doings in the past. Debts carefully nurtured for us and diligently kept away for us for settlement by us whenever the time is ripe.

Thus every human being comes to this earth bearing or carrying these burdensome debts on his or her neck which he or she carries around, oftentimes unknowingly, until they are ripe for settlement.

This settlement and a change in volition for the good alone guarantee ascent.

And it may happen in an earth-life or take several incarnations before some particular debts are settled depending on the inner maturity, the volition of the individual concerned, the debtor.

But every debt incurred through thoughts, words and deeds must be settled, must be atoned for by no one else but the debtor before he can…

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Worth Revisiting: Dung Coloured Glasses

Worth Revisiting: Dung Coloured Glasses


Thanks for these great reminders . I cancelled my therapy session

Originally posted on joy of nine9:

I received free cognitive therapy because I was surrounded by a crew of little people who greeted each morning with wonder and awe.

 The fleeting dream whicwpid-imag1304h eludes many of us is happiness. We are running around, miserable in our insular little worlds, only catching glimpses of the world around us through dung coloured glasses.
The solution to our dilemma is easy.
Take off our dung coloured lenses
A therapist would charge you hundreds of dollars to teach you how to do this, calling this method cognitive therapy. I will give you this key to happiness for free.
I discovered this secret after years of mothering my tiny children. They taught me to take my eyes off my exhaustion and to take delight in the plethora of tiny details all around me. Little kids are born with a sense of wonder and the ability to…

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Sentenced to Die

Today a terrorist was sentenced to death

at some future unknown date

a death he deserves, in my opinion.

At birth we were sentenced to death

at some future unknown date

whether we deserve to die on that date

is uncertain but a certainty.

Fear not death to live

certain that we will die 

In our time.

It is confusing to me

why it would be difficult 

to vote for the death penalty

when we all have the same sentence.

I Killed My Friend Today

today I killed my friend

when I moved here

a beautiful magnolia tree

lived here

Laddie loved to lie

under this magnificent giant

owls came

at night

squirrels played

alll around

your huge limbs

birds sang their songs


within your leaves

today I hugged you

patted the scars

and said

i am so sorry that you have to die today

i cried

this great tree had to die

mold can be deadly

allergies are my constant companion

the termite inspection

revealed I had one small puddle of water

under the house

I need to watch for mold

the sides and under my tree

never completely dried

this friend was reaching out

for the house

laddie’s ashes

swirled with

sawdust and pollen

my heart dropped

as I heard

the thud

that said

“it is over”

my soul

rose with

the soul

of the tree

Laddie joined us

we traveled awhile

together as one

i returned

laddie would


our friend

to the

In between until

i came

thank you

my great tree

for your shade

your beautiful

cream blooms

your dark shiny leaves

thank you

i am so sorry you

had to die today

Writing Wrings the Last Drop of Blood

Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.”
—George Orwell

The demon of wanting to know the truth when there is no truth but your own truth; your own mind sees and hears things differently than any other mind on earth. However, having said that could we agree that if one sets about to expose the truth that one would look for facts as set forth in other author’s books? I do not know if this is true or not because all of life, at some point seems to be a fabrication; writing is a journey back into the soul as you relieve all that you have already lived and tried to forget or maybe tried to remember the good and failed because perhaps there was not enough good to remember. If one is often told that if only you could be more like your siblings you would not get into so much trouble. Is that the truth or did you just dream this bad dream and wake into a loving world. Parents can love their children but not really like them and the child knows when that is true. The wisdom of children far outweighs any other wisdom. It is the innocence of childhood before the world beats it out and flattens this wisdom.
Writing wrings the last drop of blood; tears the fabric of your soul and leaves you lying there in your own powerless state to change what might have been except maybe through writing the facts as you find them within the confines of a library or other public domain sources.
Neither is this true. There is no truth. There is no way to know absolutely what you search for. It is an impossible task but one must try to follow that path because there are gems along the way that may substitute for what you have looked for.
Is this a rant or a revelation? You choose.

Don’t you love all the dangling prepositions?