Susan died today. We lost touch as so often happened with us, but I thought she would eventually get back in touch and we would talk again. This did not happen.
I feel that the Universe opened and accepted this beautiful soul so full of life, so full of love.
Namaste’ Susan… Run again with the wind.


Years ago my fathers youngest sister had a beautiful baby girl. She was cute, charming and a little sweetheart, the apple of her father’s eye!

My brother and I, along with other cousins, would tease her older brother that he would have to take her to school with no hair. It took a spell before her beautiful blond hair took root and became the shimmering glow surrounding her face. Back then, her mom would pull it straight up and tie a little ribbon around the few strands; eventually the ribbon would be lost.

She was a decade younger than I, so she would follow us around, making a nuisance of her little self. We said we minded but not really. Everyone would always comment on how cute she was; her clothes were always the best and I think, as the youngest of the grandchildren on my father’s side, the favorite…

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11 thoughts on “Susan

  1. I, too, have my grandfather’s dresser and his pipe smoking table. I did not have any cousins, however, or if I did I didn’t know about them. But this brings back many memories and I cherish them all.

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