Episcopal Church of the Nativity

English: Episcopal Church of the Nativity in H...
English: Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Huntsville, Alabama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Episcopal Church of the Nativity is a church in Huntsville, Alabama. It was built in the Gothic Revival style in 1859. It is noted as one of the most pristine examples of Ecclesiological Gothic architecture in the South. Wikipedia
When I was in grad school, Emile, the ninth rector of this church, and I were in the same group in one of my Psychology Classes. He was funny and wise; we became good friends.
This church held the first vigil for Aids victim, I believe. I know I was there because I was a volunteer counselor for The Aids Action Coalition when Sandra Moon was the Director. She later became the President of the Huntsville City Council. We have remained friends for years. I think when folk go through so many deaths together, perhaps the silver thread binds you together.
She finally left; I stopped being a volunteer when the last of my clients died and I attended the last funeral. Emile retired and they named the Education Hall for him.
My photo….a glimpse from the Courthouse Square
DSCF0016 Church of the Nativity

Introducing Huntsville, AL

DSCF0011 Huntsville InnToday, I made my quarterly visit to see the Internist. He gives me a B12 shot for energy and to ward off Alzheimer’s, he states.

I left his office after being diagnosed as “Clumsy” for falling once again; on my right side, once again; yet not breaking any bones because I am a little fluffy. He wants me to lose weight, however, I think I shan’t because when I fall over stools (not in their rightful place) I have some cushion to keep from breaking bones.

This year I wanted to show readers a little about my adopted city. I started today, deciding to give a mini history lesson. This actually turned out a rather decent photo, made in the rain as did the photo below!

This building was where the first Alabama Legislature met on October 25, 1819. The Alabama Constitution orginated in Huntsville in 1819, presumably in this building. Alabama was admitted as the 22nd state in the United States. Huntsville was, in 1819, the oldest and biggest town in the Tennessee Valley. It became the first capital of Alabama. Alabama’s first governor was William Wyatt Bibb, a Georgia physician with powerful friends in Washington. While Huntsville was the capital, the House met in the courthouse, and the Senate is believed to have met in the house of John K. Dunn, this house.

DSCF0015 Three Story Historic Building in Downtown Huntsville