I come from another world

Leaving my old world on April 11, I woke up somewhere along the way during the next 9 days. I could not remember much. I knew my daughter; recognized a hospital; not where.

My body seemed strange and there were other appendages I could not place as mine. Sleeping seemed the answer.

Then I was being slushed all over with water even though I truly had little feeling or thoughts. A P.T. Came and said I was to walk producing a belt, which he put around me and a 4 wheel push cart. I think we walked down the hall, gown flapping in the breeze. He brought me back and set me in a chair.

My daughter stated that I talked but no one could understand me. I could not read or write. I did know my name. It cane out all crooked.

I stayed there 9 days. I will have to tell the story in jumbled parts. That is how I remember it.

My old world was gone. I had been given a new world and a new opportunity to live this new short life each minute, with more compassion and gratitude.

Those old memories were mostly gone as well. Perhaps, I thought they would come back. I seemed happy either way.

I am trying to learn the microphone way. It is too difficult to type.

Out my Kitchen Window

  Spring arrived dressed in pink, light green set against a heartbreaking blue sky; and sunshine reflecting off the spring flowers on my kitchen table.
There will not be an entry in April; maybe  May.



May the Universe keep you all safe.

Redemption – A Valentine Story

Great Valentine post.


I posted this story four years ago. It has remained one of my favourite Valentine posts. My apologies to the few followers who have already seen it.

I’m married to a guy (the Captain) who regularly forgets birthdays and anniversaries. After so many years, I don’t bother to make a big deal of it anymore. If it matters to me a lot, I’ll just announce the date ahead of time so we can plan something nice. I’ve learned not to expect surprises for these special days.

A few years ago we were in the middle of a flooring renovation. The carpet was pulled up revealing a shocking amount of sand and grit on the plywood underneath. The new hardwood went on clean and shiny. The job was nearly finished; only the stairs left to do. I went into town to run some errands—among them, bringing back a few chocolates for a…

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With you always goes Love!

Love this!



“The circumstance, status, situation may change.
You might have to stand on your own.

But you are not alone.

Love is inevitable, constant
Will consistently remain
Living in your heart.


You make a difference in our world, my friend.

You are loved.
With angel blessings,”
– Steff

Photo & text credit: “Angel’s Insight” https://www.facebook.com/Angels-Insight-273126974510/?fref=photo

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