Heading North

Tomorrow morning, really, really early, I have to arise and head to the airport.

For two weeks, I will be at Martha’s Vineyard, Hyannis Port, and Cape Cod.

Great to be leaving the heat.

Maybe I will be inspired again.

May 29, 2019

Visualize your life in color.


A gift from a virtual friend…Bonnie. She loves animals and writes lovely haiku.

My favorite coffee cup.

Thank you, my friend, belatedly.

Polls and Politics

Polls only reflect a small segment of a particular population. How many polls are there on WP? Better yet, how many polls on WP ask what political party you favor? Or, how many of you are sick and tired of the media, particular the main stream media including Fox News, CNN and MSNBC?

I no longer have any thing to watch except on Saturday night when I watch the Brit Coms or I watch The Road Show on PBS. That does not mean I like PBS. They are as left wing as all the others and I am sick and tired of my piddling tax dollars going to loud mouth morons, no matter the color, the gender, the religion, etc. No one in Washington, DC is doing anything for the Country. We are paying them to do nothing.

Why do not we all march on Washington and throw the “do nothings” out?  Are we afraid to speak out?

Some one should speak out. No one reads what I write. No one listens to what I say and America is going over the cliff and no one seems to care who is fiddling while Rome/America is burning.

One voice can make a difference.

And, while I am on the subject, the grammar is atrocious.

Broken Promise

The house is sad. I stand and look at the empty windowpane eyes. No life. No light. No home cooked meal smells. The green wood melds into the landscape of bamboo and overgrown azaleas. The wellhouse window is broken and the well needs to be cleaned out. There is no barn standing. There were three. The chicken house is still there but no smoke house. The dog house is probably within the overgrown vegetation where Po lived. Fish no longer swim in either pond both small and little. Neighbors have treated the property as theirs and have dug up plants; others have stolen everything in the house.

I wanted to come back to live. My sister always let all these people live there for free…first Danny, my nephew, who could not stay with mother because it was to far away from football, but after she died it seemed to be closer. Ambiguity?

Then I think it was Brian Cotton. They treated the house with respect and then I thought I could move in but next thing I know there is Tom Branch who also treated the house with respect. It was really clean unlike when Browyn and Danny moved out.

So I never moved. The land of my family for 181 years stands uninhabited.

Fast forward. I promised Freddie I would move back so I would be closer to his tombstone which is in sight of the house. He is not there; Mother and Daddy are not there. It is not like in Our Town where people are portrayed sitting in wooden chairs and speaking to each other about the live people coming to visit. They, the dead, are all somewhere else…wherever dead people go. So do I go back and clean up the place.It may or may not be a safe place to live alone. No one lives on this road any longer. People pass by going to church. It just up the road.

I know this is where I belong but how do I begin? And the answer would be “start at the beginning”. Would that be a mobile home while I build? A bulldozer to clear the brambles, to rebuild the ponds? A fence around the 77 acres? Where?

When? How? How much?

Wait for the results of the blood test this week. See if the cancer is back.


The cancer came back on the tail of the existing pancreas.


Mother had beautiful cacti in the circle, by the road that passed in front of our house. Freddie always took a leaf back with him to try to grow at his home in CA. He succeeded, however, I do not know if it ever bloomed for him.

I brought home one leaf to grow for him when he came here. It never bloomed when he was here.

A leaf fell off and I made two plants. One year I had one or two blooms from the first leaf.

The spiders almost killed that first leaf; however, it has revived as so often happens

But the second leaf has all the flowers. It is saying: Look at me! I am really showing out!!

The mother looks on with pride from the background. She has at least two blooms as well.

Freddie certainly had a great view to see the Cacti I grew for him and I hope his in CA is blooming as well.

Happy Cacti Blooming Day to all up pass this way.

Rothko and Streamers

May Day streamers (or could be). A gift from my daughters travels.

Inspired painting similar to Rothko paintings, except not bold, like so many of his.

Painting by Ross which is my middle name, yet a given name, because it is my paternal grandmothers maiden name.