Quilts with Appliqué


Lovely! I plan to share a couple of quilts…one in particular on Wordless Wednesday!

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At the quilt show I saw over a hundred beautiful quilts, but of course I can’t load on 100 photos, nor would anyone want to look at that many, so I chose some of the quilts that appealed to me the most. I happen to love appliqué and one-of-a kind quilts made from someone’s imagination. Not all of these quilts are unique, but many are. To see some of the special features up close you may have to click on the photo to magnify it.

The eagle quilt has two features that I found interesting. One is that the tip of one wing is loose and actually flying off the quilt. The wing feathers are individual pieces of fabric. For the back feathers, a lot of quilting (sewing on top of the material) gives the impression of feather shapes. The second special feature is in the quilting itself. Notice how the surface of…

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Brainy Quote Friday

I actually think the whole concept of retirement is a bit stupid, so yes, I do want to do something else. There is this strange thing that just because chronologically on a Friday night you have reached a certain age… with all that experience, how can it be that on a Monday morning, you are useless?
Stuart Rose


“ Intuition is the key to everything, in painting, filmmaking, business – everything. I think you could have an intellectual ability, but if you can sharpen your intuition, which they say is emotion and intellect joining together, then a knowingness occurs. ”

― David Lynch

Eyes Update

Eyes better than they have been in a long  time…makes one wonder if they really ever needed the drops in the first place. Of course, I am paranoid.

I chose to stop the drops, Latanoprost, 9 days before, because I knew my body well enough to know something was wrong.

Received apologies from Practice Manager and Head Technician for not calling me back during those 9 days. Head Tech had called a Staff meeting the day before and wrote everyone up.

Reported Adverse reaction to FDA

Board of Medical Examiners very rude. Called Legislative Office to ask them to follow up and reprimand her or just fire her. I think my taxes pay her salary. I was only trying to be helpful. Called FDA back to let them know not to refer folk to them anymore because of the rudeness. They said they would note same. Board of Medical Examiner’s rude lady said they could not do what the FDA said they could. I guess Federal and State governments do not have a clue what the other one can do. Too much government in our lives.

That about sums up the visit.


weather: hot, one small shower

Ate with WWII guys

Went to this old grocery store reopened after years of being closed….like walking back in time.

I recognized most items or even had the item…certainly dates one

Still looking for that faucet handle…not there or at Huntsville Hardware

Redstone…Money needed for upcoming trip


 Moved flowers over to side of neighbor’s garage 

Really hot

Salad lunch


Moped bathrooms and kitchen

Now just need to clean 3 toilets, 3 basins, 2 bathtubs

Then pack

Looking forward to being on the road again.

My Day/Depression Again

I posted a lot of quotes. Today is not a good day for me. Depression tip toed around in my head all night and finally came out all dressed in black as I woke up to another gray day. Nothing unusual really happened. No that is not true. Something did happen and it is very sad for me.
I called the ophthalmologist a week ago today. I was told they would call me back (recording) in 24 hours. I guess it is still Wednesday in that office; but wait, I called Friday and a live human being said I would be called back before they left for the day…it is still Friday in that office. I call yesterday and the recording said the Practice Manager would get back to me. I believe none of this. I really like the surgeon, however, I am going to get a second opinion, after all, she was in practice with the doctor who did the damage to my eyes in the first place and the one who did not have the courage to turn him in or make a complaint on my behalf. He said: “You have never had glaucoma” but his partner, while he was out of town, performed surgery for Narrow Angular Glaucoma on both eyes. When my doctor got back he was upset but did not do anything, to my knowledge. When I told this current doctor I planned to write a letter of complaint to the Medical Board of Examiners (attorney stated the statue of limitations was past; I said I did not know the extent of the damaged until 2014, therefore, I thought it should be from discovery; he said no) she said please don’t do that. I guess not. She might also be implicated since she did my cataract surgery. Who knows?

My eyesight is deteriorating and these drops I use at night are having adverse affects on my overall health and no one will call me.

When one is old, one becomes invisible. I touch myself to make sure I am real. Living alone, I speak to all the people who are gone to know that I have a voice still. Little interaction ever occurs. I write to keep up my spirits and to know that I still have a brain; my heart may be damaged but not yet broken; courage is not lacking. I think I just need to go to Kansas.

I did get the small bottles from the kitchen window put away and cleaned the half bath, however at this rate I will never get through cleaning this house from top to bottom or vice versa. Why, you may ask is that important? It makes the day go by faster; it is good exercise; it keeps my mind occupied; it holds at bay the depression if I am busy.

Depression is a funny illness to have. There are no visible signs except the smile might not be as bright; the eyes may not sparkle when you smile because the smile does not reach that far up the face; your insides feel as if they are no longer part of your body; I kind of float away to parts unknown.

Perhaps at the end of the day, I can report on a good day.

I did drink the lemon water before breakfast and ate four tiny chocolate donuts with coffee and two teaspoons of coconut milk. The indigestion was not abated.

I think I shall eat soup for lunch but first the lemon water again.

For you I wish an ordinary day filled with friends and laughter.