The First Day of Advent

Dr. Bradfords sermon on TV today. My extrapolation of the salient points.

It is a difficult time for some of us. We are not fine and it is all right to say we hurt. The first year is not the hardest for some. This year, the third year, has been the hardest for me.

Here are the twelve points covered.

1. Expect the holidays to be difficult,

2. Be easy on yourself. It is ok to say No.

3. Do not be afraid to ask for help,

4. It is ok to enjoy yourself,

5. Draw on you faith. Tell God how you feel (this I have certainly done),

6. Be gentle with your counselors. The best thing to say, “I am praying for you.” The worst thing to say, “I know how you feel”. There is no way to know how a person feels because you are not them,

7. Do something for someone else,

8. Try not to withdraw (the hardest for me),

9. Let the past memories flood you (I have cried oceans),

10. Draw strength from your faith,

11. Visit the gravesite and talk (I live to far away to visit the gravesite but I talk to his room and photo every day; I tell him all the things I failed to tell him in life),

12. Remember that you are normal.

6 thoughts on “The First Day of Advent

  1. These are beautiful points and keepers. I hope Dr. Bradford’s sermon supported you some. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time. I will put you in my prayers, my friend. Sending hugs down south to you. ❤

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