Trying to start over

Today I am still in Boston. I sit and think about everything and nothing.

A deer came into the yard to eat the apples. A huge hawk swooped down and frightened the deer who ran down the hill and watched from under other big trees. Then the deer decided to leave, I missed the leaving part.

Later, when Jackie and T returned from soccer, Jackie ran from the back door and out the front door. I did not know what was happening so I put my shoes on to go out and see. Unfortunately, a squirrel had fallen out a big pine tree and splattered his little brains on the driveway.

Jackie took him down in the woods while we all said “poor little thing” and got back to our individual lives.

They are all gone again to soccer and basketball. Rain is moving in and I opted to stay put and get ready to go back to the City of Apollo, Huntsville, AL., my home for 50 years now. I missed all the dancing on the streets.

I met VonBraun once. I was the Lyceum Director for Delta State and booked people in for events.VonBraun was one of those people. He was very handsome and articulate. One of my claims to fame.

So another day ends.

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