Why Am I Here

This blog started a long time ago. I had no idea why I wanted to write a blog. I have no idea why I continue.

I wanted to write about my life in anonymity. I thought, and still think, that no one cares about my life. However, now I also believe that perhaps by reading about my life one may gleam some nugget that may help them in their journey into old age.

Life is to be lived each nanosecond because the next nanosecond is not promised. Therefore, I hope to write about the small things in life and my “byline,” if you will, is  “Bits and Pieces of Life.”

I am a sporadic thinker and writer. I may start off one sentence or thought and then go in three different directions without ever finishing the first, second or even third thought. It can be a challenge to talk with me for this reason. I laugh at myself.

Grief may be one of the main themes but also joy and gratitude.

Please join me on my journey.

Assignment #1


9 thoughts on “Why Am I Here

  1. “Bits and pieces.” That is life, isn’t it? We must have somewhat similar thought processes. Mine wander off in all directions and I often forget where I started or what the point was, if there was a point.

    I care.

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      1. I don’t know why my blog isn’t showing up in your Reader. It showed up in mine. Did you sign up for email notifications? If so, are they coming in your email? Make sure you didn’t somehow get UNfollowed from my blog. Look under “manage” in “followed sites” and see if my blog is there. If not, then come on over and click to follow.

        If you are still following, then it must be some glitch.


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