Belated thank you to many

First: I do not know the names of all who gave to Fred’s Go Fund Me for a total organ transplant.

Thank you, thank you. Fred would “tear up” each time he saw a donation and the donor. He knew that you had not forgotten him.

Second: I called The Space and Rocket Center this afternoon to request the names of those who gave to the Frederick Joseph Bourgeois,III Memorial Scholarship Fund. They had not sent this info to me.

The scholarship is for one middle school student each year to attend Space Camp during the 4th of July week, his birthday week. Therefore, my thank you cards to these donors are delayed.

My only excuse is that this has been a stressful year, with my being away from home for 5 months, caring for my older sister, and her husband who died June 29. My sister was in the hospital two times.

These thank you cards will be forthcoming.

Third: For those who gave to the Go Fund Me, I do not expect you to keep giving.

It would be awesome if this might become something that became a cause for one or many of his different group of friends to do, i.e. $2.00 this year in December that would represent that he has been In the Stars for two years.

Of course, this is just a thought from a mom who would like to keep his memory forever alive.

No donation is necessary for his memory to be alive. I know that you, his friends will not forget him.

Thank you.

Freddie’s Mom

Below is the original letter.

Hi All,

It is my wish that you are well and having a great spring/summer!

I spent a lot of time trying to decide how/what I could do to memorialize Freddie in the space community. Finally, I made a decision. I hope you think it was a good one.

Here is a link to the Memorial Scholarship in Freddie’s name at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.

Freddie loved going to this special place and I have funded this Scholarship for 5 years for at least one child to attend each year.

Each year a child in Middle School, who needs the money for tuition, will be able to apply for and receive the money to attend Space Camp for a week during the July 4th time…Freddie’s birthday being July 4.

The child may be any color, from any country and any gender. The only criteria requested that they display an entrepreneurial spirit and other characteristics that Freddie had during his lifetime.

Thank you if you can give even a small amount. A child will appreciate your kindness and will learn the value of going to space as a realistic dream and hope for the future of mankind…one that Freddie believed was possible.

Thank you,

Linda Bourgeois, Ph.D.

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