Webs we weave

Spiders weave their webs overnight and if they are lucky, folk like me will not walk through them. Not that I would on purpose , however in the early morning walk down the drive to get the daily paper, I sometimes do not see them. I feel myself being wrapped in gossamer, silver threads and know that I unintentionally destroyed a work of art.

Sometimes, when they are left to weave huge webs, they write messages for us to decipher. My mother would study these webs and now I do.

Speaking of webs we weave, life seems to be carved into webs; some broken into loose fragments; some sturdy and strong. Webs are strange filaments that many times break the silver thread connecting us to those we love and those we lost.

10 thoughts on “Webs we weave

  1. I love this. Wondering if we truly ever lose someone altogether. Like invisible webs, we can continually draw back images, memories, sensations, feelings in our bodies. If we believe a person is only physical maybe it’s harder. But if Spirit is truly alive then can anything ever be totally lost?

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    1. Oh my, Linda! Thank you so much for allowing this musing today. You know how we often share stuff with others that we’re supposed to digest more deeply ourselves? At the end of meditation this morning began to express gratitude for different loved ones. So called up my children’s spirits and felt them so deeply. And suddenly began to weep because I realized that their spirits could never ever be lost, even if their precious physical bodies passed. That they are so part of me. Am still crying…thank you again…also pulled up your spirit and felt the part of it that will never die, can never die. And the blessing of who each of us is beneath the webs we’re weaving.

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    2. No, it is my opinion that we never lose those we truly love. Their physical body dies and returns to dust, however their essence does not leave us. They walk with us through all our days. Many times they feel more alive in this form than they did in the physical form. I am learning this each day as I feel the presence of those no longer in our here time but in their here world.


  2. First of all, I flail around like a raving maniac when I walk into a web. Then I churn around in circles trying to see if the crawler that built it is on me.

    Secondly, I love your comparison with the webs of our lives. I don’t mean to compare my loss to what you’ve gone through. I’m just sharing this because what you wrote is so similar to what I was telling my husband the other day. My dog, Piezon, helped me fill my need to be needed when I couldn’t become a mother. I was telling my husband that very thing that you mentioned, I felt like we had a thread that connected us together and it was broken when Piezon left. I couldn’t feel him or sense him in any way. I was so lost. Eventually, as time moved forward, I was able to feel that link again. I hope you do to.

    Thank you for sharing this. Hugs.

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