Another Death

Burnis T. Gardner died on June 29 at 3:19 p.m., as I held his hand and talked with him. He quietly exhaled his last breath peacefully.

He had a graveside service in Sallis, MS at Harmonia Cemetery, the quiet little cemetery where Freddie’s headstone lives. It is very peaceful and remote. My family has owned that land for 169 years so all of us will go home to this place to wait.

It seems I have been here in MS more than AL. My sister continues to have problems losing blood and having transfusions and I continue watching in hopes that this last time the doctors might have corrected the problem.

After a week in the hospital, we came back to the silent waiting house filled with many memories of times past.

When she is stronger, I will leave again. The road back keeps getting longer.

Here is a photo. Next post may be the video if I can figure that out.

3 thoughts on “Another Death

  1. Heartbreaking. What on earth is causing your sis to lose blood? There’s got to be something going on in her system? I hope they figure it out asap so they can fix it. Hugs, Miss Linda. ❤

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    1. Me, as well. They cauterized two small blood vessels in her colon so she has not bled since Wednesday of last week. A polyp was removed as well. Seven to ten days before the report comes back on that. Maybe all will be well.
      I told her she could not get sick in October because I plan to rent a house on Cape Cod for a month.

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