Turning the page

The page turns and the pencil begins to write the last chapter. There are more pages written than there are to be written. Time has dwindled down to a few pages and writing those pages will not be an easy task.

What should be written on those pages? poetry? a book? thoughts? songs? wishes? hopes? dreams lost? So many choices. How will the holder of the pencil choose? Will the Universe be kind?

Life began to end at birth and the pencil began to write on the blank pages. The good, the not so good. Choices made; missed opportunities. Life is one long road traveled and for everyone the ending is the same: death. It is when the last pages are being written that the review begins and life winds down to end with no breath left and as one book states: “When Breath becomes Air”… and time is up.

Many seem to lead charmed lives. Others wonder why “bad things happen to good people”, once again a title of another book, however, it does shed some light on the why’s. There was no one there to try to answer that question without quoting God and God had nothing to do with any of this. It all happened, both good and bad because of choices made. Sometimes God wept. “Being Mortal” means both joy and suffering. It is how suffering is handled that shapes our being and shines light on how that life was lived.

So, the page is slowing turning; turning to write the last chapter. The pencil is sharpened, the road is clear; the end is near.

The bits and pieces of life, as usual, will be left…the bits and pieces now without meaning.

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