What will you do?

Calendars help monitor days, weeks, months and years, so how do you turn over your calendar from hanging on your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen wall. You have grown to love your calendars. You have written on your calendars. You have marveled at the beautiful dog, cat, lion, flower, institution. How do you turn this calendar into a yesteryear “thing”?

Do you file it away thinking that you might frame the pictures one day? and then 50 years later you have 150 calendars each having 12 photos to frame? Hmmm that would be….well you do the math.

Do you put the beloved treasure that marked your days, your joys, your sorrows, your appointments into the recycle bin?

What do you do?

The new calendars are waiting. You have only a few hours left to decide the fate of your beloved 2017 calendar.

What will you do?

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