How to have Shingles

For those of you not FB friends:

Last Saturday night I had a medium size red bump on the left side of my tummy. I kinda rubbed it and went to bed.

Sunday morning, I checked my bump to find it had been replaced by an angry red small banana size looking up at me. It kinda itched but no pain.

Under my boob felt funny so I hauled it up and there were two moon shaped bands going around.

My thoughts: I did not have chicken pox as a child so I could not have shingles. My brother-in-law, who is 90 has Shingles and my sister and I had discussed the fact we did not have chicken pox as children. She said, however, that they had taken the vaccine about 5 years ago. I had tried to be vaccinated but was refused about 3 weeks ago because I was on prednisone and had to finish out my two weeks and then wait a week before getting the vaccine.

I finished the prednisone last Wednesday, a week ago.

I determined I would call my Internist Monday morning after looking at shingles photos and reading the research. It looked as if I had the shingles. Monday morning, I had a rash on the right side, not as red, and under my right breast; right shoulder and a few up from my elbow and wait for it….think Forest Gump…my buttocks, left side.

The appointment was 10:45 and by then I had a small patch on my right leg. Shingles generally affect only one side of body. Mine were misbehaving.

The doc said they looked like shingles; I had a low grade fever, no pain, some itching, no bumps or blisters. Perhaps it was because it was still within the 72 hour window, medication might help but he was not real sure it was shingles, so he prescribed prednisone (I had 4 days off) and Valtrex 3 times a day and come back on Wednesday.

Off to Sam’s to get RXs and home to begin meds. Decided to take prednisone at noon with first dose of the big ole blue pill.

Going back to Sunday my home treatment consisted of taking a Benadryl , making a poultice of baking soda and water which dried and left a trail of baking soda throughout the house; finding Icy hot patches and applying those and sleeping, eating, more Benadryl and sleeping more.

I applied gold bond icy hot cream which kept the itching at bay but left the skin uncovered for air to help. No bumps ever came up; no blisters.

Today my doc was so excited! He took pictures for his medical students, even my buttocks. ‘Course I agreed to all this since I had the classic case, not often seen, mainly because (according to him) I had not had the chicken pox but I had a depressed immune system from cancer cells in body, no spleen. On Monday I was contagious; today, not so. How quickly things change. The medicine did the job; the universe had smiled down on me. I had laughed at the incongruity of having to have shingles along with everything else.

To end a perfect day, I had a MRI on my head with both contrast and without contrast. A trip to Dollar Tree to purchase Crystal Geyser water (free) because the company had sent me three $3. Coupons.

Home, stopping by Target for bananas and a salad. Big surprise the organic bananas were only .39 a pound!

Ate the salad for lunch; hour later, a banana with lots of Milano cookies and now I am done!

This is how my shingles have progressed so far. Not well, but not incapacitated.

7 thoughts on “How to have Shingles

  1. Ooh, Milano cookies. Yum.
    Ack. Shingles. Boo.
    So. the doctor thinks you got shingles because of a repressed immune system even though you never had chicken pox? I suppose that’s possible, but I would think that you’d have had to be in contact with the virus somewhere in order to catch it? Curious.
    Well, sounds like you have things under control and are taking care of yourself. Funny, before I read this, I just made an appointment to get a shingles vaccine next week.
    Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery. Hugs. ❤

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    1. Probably at the Wellness Center where I go to use the treadmill every day. Mostly older people and done do not clean the machine after using. I do. My doctor and his wife go there and he thinks I probably got it there.
      Also, I have no spleen which means I get everything that goes around. I stay in a lot because of this as well.

      Thank you for your healing wishes. I hope to work in yard tomorrow. Maybe paper work if not yard. Slept all afternoon because I had to run errands this morning.


    1. Recurring headaches in left temporal lobe. They started about a month ago. My oldest brothers melanomaf started with a tumor behind his left eye. Therefore, to ascertain if I have a tumor. It is a low grade far-a-way sort of aching…like I had this afternoon…doc does not want to miss anything else and he said we were rather a strange family with our health problems.🤕


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