Past Memories

McDonald’s early; could not sleep; walk in and the song Reunited was playing, (Dione Warwick) but then it stopped and changed tracks. It seemed that only a fragment played. Strange. But then I remembered immediately.

Years ago Bob Kates and I were taking Freddie to his grandmother in Waveland. I had a new black Chevrolet Camaro, 2 door, landau top, red interior….I think that is correct. Bob and I thought we would break a record and play that song all the way. Freddie begged us to stop. We did not for a long time. How dreadful to do that to a teenager who disliked that sort of music. It would have driven me crazy if I had been in his position. It was a form of child abuse and torture.

I quietly said. “I know Freddie. Karma took care of that car in quick order.”

On Columbus Day, the car was totaled by a car out of control coming down the hill; other car, brakes failed at intersection and struck the out of control car. Car jumped curb and landed right on top of my new car, parked in my parking space. Both cars drove away. Mine was totaled. I had no car to drive. My ex husband loaned me my Honeybee to drive until I could buy another car. Two years later, in court, I was awarded $65. State Farm insurance was awarded the rest.

Then I quietly said in my head: “I understand now. Thank you for helping me remember and understand my disrespect of you as a son whom I lived dearly. Forgive me. I was wrong. I loved you but certainly did not demonstrate that love in this case.”

I have never owned another Chevrolet or a black car and I have always hated that song and myself for my abusive behavior.

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