Dreams to tell.

My dream began with a friend getting married….very long and involved then switches to this:

As I am going on I see all these people working on my trees-pine-by a lake. A lot of people sitting in twos, all calm and peaceful.

A lady came up and says “let me introduce myself. I am your caretaker. She looks familiar… with brown hair, beautiful face. Then she introduces her husband or helper. He has a beard. She says all this amounts to 95. “Get a pencil and paper” she tells me. The sheet is clean and we write 95 on it.

Now the scene changes:

I am driving an SUV up to my house. A long winding drive to a castle of sorts on a hill. Lots of trees, winding road, peaceful, the caretaker and all the people (men) in trees are working trimming the trees are raking pine straw. I have the lights on in the vehicle.

The only time I have driven a SUV was in CA. My son had a caretaker who had a beautiful face. She wore a wig so I do not know her hair color. The driveway was long and his house was on a hill and there were redwood trees everywhere. This dream occurred in 2002.

I wish I knew how to insert a photo here.

Next dream on 9/2/02

Love, over green field…thick white cord laying over field.

Freddie’s ashes were buried in the back of the cemetery by daddy and because Freddie’s was a small grave for a vault with ashes, a white cord had been placed over the green grass to lower the vault. I think this is what I saw. The lowering of the vault is another story.

Freddie would tell me his dreams. He had one disturbing dream and woke me up about two weeks before he died. He said that there were a lot of people in the small hospital room. He felt like he was smothering. He was afraid and wondered what it meant. I thought I knew the correct answer but said instead, “you have been having a lot of visitors and the room is small so maybe you are thinking about these friends. Perhaps you all need to sit in the hall and look out the back exit door to have more room. You like looking out over the hill to where you use to live.” He seemed calmer and went back to sleep. I cried.

When he died the room was filled with people and I could not think or breathe being so anger at myself for not being able to keep him alive although I had given him permission to go. Another story. I just wanted the people to leave me with my son. So much to do.

5 thoughts on “Dreams to tell.

      1. I wanted to mention something about your dreams. I learned that dreams eventually come after a tragic loss, because it is the brain working through the issues. Depending on the types of dreams, it can actually be a healthy thing mentally and psychologically. From the description of your dreams it sounds like your brain is doing what it must to help you work through things. ❤

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