The Email

Karen Bourgeois <>

to me, fjbourgeois
I know this is a tender time for all of us and my conversations with you and Jackie this morning made me realize that there are some serious hostile feelings that are causing confusion for all concerned.  As Fred’s widow who was faithfully married until the end, I need to take immediate control of the 150 Quail Glen property.  I’m asking you to leave by 9am tomorrow morning, Tuesday, Oct. 20, so that I can have the locksmiths replace all of the locks.
Please leave behind the garage door openers, post office keys, house keys (storm door, patio door, etc.), storage key, and keys to both cars; computers; both cell phones; copy of the will and trust; safe combination; blank checks; any ATM or credit cards; and latest utility bill statements so that I know where to pick up.
Do not attempt to turn off any utilities nor remove any items from the house, including items you think were to be set aside for Frederick IV.  I will handle that as we go through due process.
Once the legal misunderstandings are resolved in the next few days, I hope we can work together as a team, including Fred Jr., to organize the different memorial services plus burial.  This approach will help with the grieving process without over-burdening anyone.
Thank you,
Karen Bourgeois

p.s. I wasn’t sure which email address you were using.


b <>

8:56 PM (10 hours ago)
to FredB
I received this from Karen the day after Freddie died giving me 9 hours to leave.
I have a photo of her car outside on Tuesday morning waiting for the locksmith.
When I let her know the laws of CA was not foreign to me and/or tenant law, and I was not leaving and that she needed to let me know before she came she then had  a very stupid attorney call me to evict me by voice message.
I called him back to ask him if he missed the day they taught tenant law in law school, gave him the correct procedure and wished him a Merry Christmas.
You and your children have no idea what emotional damage she did to Freddie and to me. This is only the tip of the iceberg.
Clytice wanted me to let you know. My family is totally incensed at this one email and the treatment I received trying to be the best I could be even though I had not fully recouped from my cancer surgery.

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