After a hectic morning, achieving little, I opened my mailbox, mind someplace else,  when all of a sudden out flew millions, if not trillions, of butterflies all making this marvelous tinkling sound like a wind chime. The colors were awesome.

I blinked in disbelief as I watched all the colors merging   together, the sound of Mozart’s Fifth Symphony echoing back as everything became invisible behind the dark clouds.

A box sat on top of a few pieces of mail. A plain brown box. I had been told to expect something in the mail but I thought maybe a card would arrive, not a box. A box portends many things these days, but this  one I knew was safe. 

I had not eaten anything today and it was almost 2 p.m. so I thought I would have some Tomato Bisque with pretzels as I enjoyed opening this box. Sissors would be required so I placed them by my chair, brought the food tray and water to the side table and began the process of eating and opening the box. I wanted the process to last. It would be the highlight of my long day.

As I examined the label I discovered it came from Naturesroom but no other clue 
was given. My mind being stressed tends to only vaguely remember everything that I need to remember but I did recall that a virtual friend, Bonnie, had said to expect something in the mail and I had replied I would be back in Huntsville on May 22. Hopefully, this is correct. 

Inside the box, there was brown packing paper 
and yet another box. This box looked at me beckoning me to set it free from the other box. Granting the boxes wish, I removed it and thought that it seemed heavy for such a pretentious box. 

Not having glasses on, I could not read what the outside said so once again the box wanted me to set free the contents. Obeying an inner command, I opened the box to find loads of tissue paper. The top looked domed, and as I picked it up the sound of tinkling wind chimes came again except much clearer than before; the colors of turquoise and black emerged and a long streamer of wrapped objects hung before me.

I carefully unwrapped each one and gently said “hello” to the fine craftsman display of butterflies hanging from a bell like object. 

Putting on my glasses I read that these were the world’s favorite wind chimes called Woodstock Chimes. The information was fascinating. It stated that the art of casting metal has been around for thousands of years. The ancient ones created utility items as well as items of great beauty by heating metal until it reaches a molten state and can be poured into a mold.

Further reading delighted me to find that a musician, Gary Kvistad, in 1979, founded Woodstock Percussion with one single great idea…to make the world’s best sounding windchime. The wind chimes are precision tuned and delight people of all ages worldwide. 

Today I became the owner of such a fine instrument… placing the ladder, I carefully hung the WoodstockButterfly Chime from my kitchen window where the cardinals come to speak to me or the doves wait patiently for the crumbs I place on the ground for them… they will hear and delight in this wonderful sound drifting from the window up through the leaves of the maple tree riding the wind into the heavens for all to hear. 

No greater gift could a dear friend send me at this time.  The sounds touched my bruised soul with the lovely music and softly whispered that life holds many new/old things I have yet to know and living each day will bring these things to me.

Thank you, Bonnie, for this lovely gift.

3 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. I am so glad you like it Linda. I know you like garden things. Liking it made my day. As you know I have the same one. Mine is outside where I pass it every day.
    I am glad the cardinals and doves are enjoying it too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bonnie it is truly beautiful. Because I am leaving for Boston next week, I did not want to hang it outside. Your cat is enjoying the sunshine on the deck in a safe place.

      I did see a mirage surrounding the box…funny how these days I see things at times.

      Liked by 1 person

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