Raggedy Ann Dolls

My Mom was a Mom. She made our clothes, she kept a garden to feed us in cold winter months when nothing grew, she hoed in the fields, she gave us perms (even though mine always frizzed, it looked better than a straight board), she had cookies waiting when we got off the school bus from school, she helped with lessons by lamplight and saved her egg money to give us piano lessons.

I do not remember her saying “I love you” that was a given. I do not remember hugs; I remember being switched  when I misbehaved, which was a whole lot. I had to do chores, i.e. like slop the pigs, bring in the eggs from the chicken boxes, go get the lead cow to bring the cows home, bring in the wood  for the stove, help with the dishes after supper, as we called it back then; no fancy breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am always confused when I come back what meal I am eating.IMG_1378-0

While we were at school she did things like quilt and make dolls. I have one doll that was my only Christmas present when Daddy was in service and we had no money. He made the little red chair she sat in and mother made the doll. My first (above) who is now 74 years old.

She had an eighth grade education until I graduated from college and then she went and took her GED test, passed and enrolled in LPN school becoming a nurse and then a surgical nurse. She worked for 23 years in the same hospital, Durant Community Hospital. She was very proud to be a nurse and we were very proud to see her in that starched white uniform, cap, white stockings and sensible white, very clean, white shoes.

Somewhere in those years she began to make dolls. Her dolls show up in many places and I always know that my mom made those dolls. She never charged much for her dolls and they were so perfectly made just as my clothes were as I was growing up. Mother did not do things half way.

Hopefully I can find the doll pictures and one of my mom…..when I get home I shall hang them up.

DSCF0020 Dolls
Mother made all these dolls. My 74 year old doll is the one in the middle with blue eyes.

Now for one of my Mom. She died in 1995 before her two sons died in 1996. She was lucky to die before them. I hope she is having a lovely dinner with them today in her garden.Mother and Linda1200 dpi

8 thoughts on “Raggedy Ann Dolls”

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your mother who sounds like she was an amazing woman. I had a Raggedy Ann doll a long time ago, and even dressed as Raggedy Ann for Halloween one year. My brother, poor guy, was forced to be Raggedy Andy and Mom, who made our costumes, sewed our white gloves together so we’d have to look like we were holding hands. He’s probably still traumatized by it today. 😉

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  2. such a fabulous post, loved seeing the dolls…they are in excellent condition including the oldest blue eyed one …different world way back when…lots of parents were not affectionate… they were raised that way, no excuses
    take heart in the fact that we all didn’t have happy childhoods but we survived
    thanks for sharing this

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  3. I liked the way you told your mother’s story with love and understanding. My Mom worked as a teacher, which meant during summers we had projects and often she sewed matching dresses for she and I to wear. I have a homemade Raggedy Ann and Andy. It may show up in a past Christmas post. I didn’t tag all of my posts so they don’t come up sometimes.
    Your mother’s achievements are marvelous incentives to those who may think they are “too old” or incapable of learning a difficult profession! Nursing is nearly the hardest one I can think of, other than doctor or lawyer. It must make you so proud. 🙂


    1. Thank you, reocochran, for your kind comments. I hope to see your Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls one day.
      You are right. Mother inspired many to go back to school when they are old. I did not receive my Ph.D. until I was 69 and my sister went back to school for her B.S from Millsaps College after she retired from South Central Bell. She was about 60, however, we all had a great time at her graduation. I am glad Daddy lived long enough to see all 4 of his children receive college degrees.
      I would think that you and your mom had fun with your matching clothes made during summer vacation. My Mom crocheted my daughter and I a matching outfit which we loved to wear.

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      1. I am thrilled to hear of your father living long enough to see his children grow up and receive college degrees. My Dad was so glad we three had bachelor degrees and one brother had his master’s before my Dad died and did get his PhD in education.
        My Mom made my brother’s matching plaid jackets one Easter when they were about 6 and 8. Mom liked making jumpers for me so I could wear turtlenecks under them and tights. We weren’t allowed until into our high school years to wear pants due to school rules in the 60’s and 70’s. 🙂
        The crocheted matching outfit with you and your daughter, made by your Mom would have been lovely! I loved one crocheted vest I had a long time ago. . . Someday, I will try to get the Raggedy Ann and Andy post or re-do some folks in a different post. Smiles, Robin

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