Sticks and stones

Breaking truth or lies


Hypocritical texts 

Sound and fury

Nothing here


Words reverberate 

Throughout my



Long ago 


13 thoughts on “?

        1. As soon as I could walk without my cane in July, I figured I could do something to help. I did not plan to stay this long, I came July 11 I think but things were out of control so am trying to get things straight again.

          His wife walked out in April and there was no one to stay with him at night. The renters stole the dishes and silver and left an overall jumble. His caregivers were really not caregivers. At present the kitchen is clean and functions, the family room is presentable. And the dialysis room is clean as are both bathrooms . The apartment downstairs needs a little attention but not bad . I have three rooms to finish. He is scheduled to go to Denver for evaluation in Oct and now he has a blood clot from a dialysis removing the needles wrong so tomorrow is emergency room to remove the clot. My days and nights are now reversed but generally my spirit is well. CA is a very weird place. Redwood trees help!


    1. I miss your photos. I think of you often. If things do not go well, I am moving to Maine or Cape Cod. I just do not fit anymore anyplace. I do not think I can go back to Huntsville even though I have lovely friends.


  1. I believe he will get to a better place, eventually. Right now we kinda have an emergency with a blood clot since Saturday in his arm where the dialysis needles go. No one is responding. This is the worst place to be for health care. They just tell him he is going to die…..first do no harm means nothing to them.


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