I come from another world

Leaving my old world on April 11, I woke up somewhere along the way during the next 9 days. I could not remember much. I knew my daughter; recognized a hospital; not where.

My body seemed strange and there were other appendages I could not place as mine. Sleeping seemed the answer.

Then I was being slushed all over with water even though I truly had little feeling or thoughts. A P.T. Came and said I was to walk producing a belt, which he put around me and a 4 wheel push cart. I think we walked down the hall, gown flapping in the breeze. He brought me back and set me in a chair.

My daughter stated that I talked but no one could understand me. I could not read or write. I did know my name. It cane out all crooked.

I stayed there 9 days. I will have to tell the story in jumbled parts. That is how I remember it.

My old world was gone. I had been given a new world and a new opportunity to live this new short life each minute, with more compassion and gratitude.

Those old memories were mostly gone as well. Perhaps, I thought they would come back. I seemed happy either way.

I am trying to learn the microphone way. It is too difficult to type.

20 thoughts on “I come from another world

  1. Wow, Miss Linda, they did a lot in that surgery.

    I’ve been thinking of you every day. Do you know why? Because even though I do not know how to pronounce your last name, I speak it every day in my prayers. I even have a get well card sitting out to send you, but I’ve been going crazy with things in my life over here. I won’t bore you with the issues here, I’m just glad to see a post from you. May I ask, did you say you are having trouble speaking, and if so, why?

    As far as your other post about a pity party, I think it’s okay to have one for a few hours or a few days. Just don’t stay at that party indefinitely, and bring back that salty sense of humor. Laughter helps with healing. I always watch my favorite comedies when I’m in need of healing.

    God Bless you Miss L. Still praying …

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    • Thank you Ms. Lori,
      I have problems remembering words, I have trouble writing, etc.but lol this shall pass. At least the doctors did not succeed in knocking me off though they tried.

      The stories are still in my head waiting to be told.

      I can walk without the walker but those darn steps keep me locked away in the house.

      Lost 20 pounds or so but the scar takes away any bikini charm.

      Thank you for all those thoughts. I certainly put them to good use.

      I am home alone: which is not true. Their are folk in and out a lot.

      I read a lot of your blogs but my fried brain did not even click the like button. HaHa because I did not know my password to sign in.

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      • You’re awesome. Is the trouble remembering from the surgery? Wish I could give you a hug in person, but sending hugs through cyberspace.


  2. I hope you are healing after such an ordeal. I am using a voice activated typing program, Nuance Dragon 12. It takes a lots of training and still makes mistakes, but, the same as you, I have difficulty in typing and at the end of the day this voice program is fantastic. Good luck with your voice typing. 😀

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