13 thoughts on “Pdf to Word

      1. Okay, I’ve tried a few other solutions.

        Let me ask you this: What’s the reason … is it because you want to edit the file in Word, on your computer?

        The only solution *I’ve* found so far … is easy. You have a Gmail account, hence you have access to all the Google Services. When in Gmail, you’ll see, at the top right of your screen 9 little grey squares. Hit that once, and many of the other services will be revealed to you. Tap the one that says Google Drive. When in Google Drive, hit Upload and select your big .PDF file and upload it.

        Once it’s there, so you can see it in the list in Google Drive, right-click that file, then select ‘Open with Google Docs’.

        You’ll feel right at home in Google Docs if you’re used to MS Word. It’s the same thing. Now you can edit to your heart’s content, and when you’re finished go to: File > Export as > whatevertitleyourdoc.doc Then you’ll have it on your computer as a Word-file, AND it will also be safely stored online in your Google Drive, which is a bonus.

        This might sound like a lot of stuff, but really … it isn’t. I happened to have a .PDF on my computer that was large and had a lot of illustrations in it. It worked for me.

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