Honda Accord EX (in the rain) at Lab Corp

Today was the day to draw the 20 tubes of blood for the 5HIAA. I drank 77 ounces of water yesterday, through the night, until 10 am, being NPO after midnight except for water.

The bathroom was my friend all night.

It went better than expected. I made up a little song: “this will be fast and easy…lalalah” over and over.

My blood clotted before the last 3 tubes were drawn…therefore a second stick to get it done. But it was done! The technician said I helped to relax her because I told her childhood stories growing up on Route 2. It helped the time pass…and it tested whether it would make her laugh. She did. Then another tech came in and held my hand and it was over.

It was raining, however, I was lucky to get a good parking space so when I came out, while waiting for the rain to let up, I took this photo:

  Not very clear but will have to do for now….my new Pearl car.
From here to Waffle House to renew my energy. Pretty empty. Rain kept people in, I guess.

Boring information…the blood test helps to diagnose more info on neuroendocrine cancer. Requested by Ochsner.

9 thoughts on “Honda Accord EX (in the rain) at Lab Corp

  1. At least you got some good people working with you this time. I enjoy listening to people tell stories about their lives. Everyone usually has a good one. I’m glad you made her laugh. Sense of humor is so important through times like these. Do you know when you are supposed to get the results to the test?


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