Out my Kitchen Window

image.jpegEven though I never seem to finish a challenge, except once, this one by Cardinal Guzman caught my attention. Why? Because it requires only one post a month. Surely, I can do this my self said to my self.


Tassitus.com critters sent out this information.

I am not so good with a camera. I say that and do not even own a working camera. Therefore, my iPhone will be the culprit to blame. I plan to observe the changes in my backyard through the seasons, taking photos through my kitchen window.



This may turn out to be a calamity…boring and more boring as time progresses. Maybe I might venture out or try to post something else that falls into the category.

Therefore, here is my first effort.

The Changing Seasons: January 2016 [23/365]

The Changing Seasons: January 2016 | Cardinal Guzman

13 thoughts on “Out my Kitchen Window

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  2. Your iphone takes much better pictures than my smart phone (and I refuse to keep upgrading). I take mine with a digital, complicated Canon that I still can’t figure out.

    You took nice photos with your iphone. Was that snow part of the big one that hit the east? Do you get much snow where you live? I’d imagine you wouldn’t.

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    • Hi Lori,

      Yes this is our big snow from “the big storm”. We usually get one or two snow events a year but never one that cripples the city for more than a day or two. This is mainly because we do not have the equipment to take care of the ice and snow.

      Hope you are enjoying all your snow. My life has been in crisis mode for about a week now.

      I noticed today we still have snow in the shade when I was coming back from Doctor.

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