DSCF0086 Clytice @ 80“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

― Abraham Lincoln

Today is my sister’s birthday. This quote certainly defines the substance of her life. When she retired from South Central Bell/Bell South she immediately found other things to keep her involved in life.

She is a docent at the Eudora Welty House; the Governor’s Mansion; the New Capitol Building. She is on the Mississippi Historical Commission. She volunteers for her church one-half day a week and at the Jackson-Evers International Airport one-half day a week. There are numerous other things she did and continues to do for her community. When someone in that community needs to have something done “right” they call her.

These activities do not keep her from always being there for her family. Not having children of her own, she adopted all her nieces and nephews. They have been the recipient of her generosity.

She and her husband contribute generously to one university and one community college, the one where three of us attended, plus her husband.

Those in her life know that her life has changed other lives in a good way. She stands up for her values and accepts people as she finds them. If there is change in their lives it is through her example, not through her pushing her views onto you.

She is 84 today and my wish is that when it is time for me to go that she will be there to hold my hand.


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        1. No, I am still waiting to have the blood test 5HIAA. I have to have this done before going. I am told it will take 14 tubes of blood, therefore I am drinking lots of water and hoping they can find a vein that will hold for this much blood. The first time they tried they only got 2 tubes and my blood clotted. Also, the lab had the wrong tubes; waiting for the Z tubes to arrive and a call from them to go NPO for the draw the next day. Pretty much hanging out and working on the church history which was to be published last year when life intervened.

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  1. Since I like you so much,, I also love to meet Clytice. We could have all shared our birthday celebration since they’re so close!
    I left your house just in time; I was hit by several loud sharp piece of sleet/snow on way home.
    I'[ warm (thanks to working heating system) looking out window enjoying the beauty of the snow though it is now melting.

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    1. When you were leaving, I was trying to tell you that it was sleeting/snowing. Glad you arrived home safely.
      Everyone loves my sister. Growing up Mother always had one birthday cake for the three of us; My sister, my brother, whose birthday is on the 15th, now deceased, and mine. It was always a special occasion.


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