Lake Superior Spirit


Perhaps it is inappropriate for me to offer my condolences here on WordPress, however, there are so many of us who followed Kathy on her journey at Lake Superior Spirit and Simply Here. She writes with such a keen eye for everything and feels everything deeply, as suggested by reading her blogs.


She wrote on FB today how sad it was yesterday and yet how much love and peace there is today. There are many of us who resonate with those feelings. However, this is not the time to tell our stories. It is time for us to remember her beautiful photos, words and offerings for us to examine our lives through a different lens. She did this is a way that did not threaten our ego, or feel less than others.

I am fortunate to have found her through Lori’s Lane. Perhaps it was the other way around. I truly do not remember how I found her blog but am the better for having found same. She is a virtual friend who is important to me.

It is with deep sadness that I mourn the death of her father. I noted the changes in the photos Kathy posted therefore watched the change that cancer can ravage on a human body. I hope his suffering was little to none.

I would like to see the blogging community, who knew her best, to keep her in your thoughts, talk to the Universe, the clouds, the wind, nature at large, pray to your God that she will continue to find peace in the days to come.

In 1990 my father died. It seems like yesterday.

16 thoughts on “Lake Superior Spirit

  1. Hi Linda. You already knew Lake Superior Spirit before we met. I met you when Kathy told the story about sending you something in the mail and you feared it was something suspicious. It was a lighter, happier time.

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    1. It was, was ‘t it? It seems that I have known you much longer!
      Kathy sent me Trenary Toast which was delicious. I did not know it was being sent so thought I had received a terrorist package with anthrax in it. It became really funny.
      It seems only yesterday.

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  2. Oh my. I just discovered this “by accident” via your latest Facebook blog link. Thank you so much for this. Have been feeling sad off and on (and sometimes just peaceful and loving) and these bits & pieces of friendship and love keep appearing, as if from the Universe itself. Smile. Your words are very precious. I was going to tell a story at Dad’s funeral about how a waitress at a dinner theater called him “Precious” and “darling” and how I laughed so hard I almost fell under a table. Apparently, the Universe is only allowing me to tell that story to you. 🙂 Many blessings, my trenary toast friend.

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    1. The Universe delivers when the time is right, I think. So, today was the day for you to find this and maybe smile and feel a little lighter of heart. Losing a father is really trying on the soul, on the heart, in your life…memories keep popping up for years to come. I think of my father every day as well as my mother, usually unexpectedly, but then I live with so many of their things.

      Love the dinner theatre story! I can picture you falling under the table….

      The Christmas photos haunted me for days. I felt so sad.

      Pace yourself. Be well. Grieve. Love, Live. Laugh and Dance. He would want you to.

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