Sleep (365/4)

Sleep always restores my physical as well as my mental well being, therefore I am grateful that I usually sleep,at least, 8 hours or more each night.

Sometimes I remember my dreams;

 The bad ones most of all.

My sister gave me a lovely red flannel gown with night cap last Christmad. I did a selfie. It really looks like Old Mother Hubbard!

  • Well, obviously this is not a red gown. I think I deleted it. I am sorry because it was funny. This is just me on the couch probably watching TV before turning in.

5 thoughts on “Sleep (365/4)

  1. This year I found a robe I like so much ( a hoodie no less) that I bought it in three different colors. I want to be comfortable after so many years of having to dress to go to work, etc. that now that I am retired I want to be snuggled in a robe most every long morning with my coffee. My husband thinks it is hilarious, me trompsing out in the snow, with his rubber boots and my bathrobe to go feed the chickens.

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