Change my Name?

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline. I will skip this assignment. I am purpleborough and have no intention of changing to something else.

Perhaps I could change the Bits and Pieces part…but that is also me. I remember when my Mom died and I was the sibling left to clean out the house there were all these bits and pieces of things: toothpaste, washing powder, string, paper clips, needles, sewing things, magazines…what to do with all these things that mother had kept thinking perhaps one day she might need them. In the end she did not.

We all have these bits and pieces. I am struggling right now with getting rid of some of those bits and pieces. It is very hard. We need our toothpaste, at least one tube. But do I need 10 hairbrushes? No I use one comb.My hair is so thin, I have it cut really short and just wash and wear.

I did get rid of all the old makeup. They, whomever they are, say to change makeup out every 6 months. I simply threw all of mine away being of the mind set that old women with lipstick on that bleeds into the wrinkles really looks bad. I decided to not use anything but glycerin on my face, hands, etc. It is the base for all creams and lotions and potions.

Purpleborough is a town I made up in my head, not knowing there is such a place in England. I wrote a series of stories about my little town with my little dog Po. I think they are in the Archives somewhere. No, I could never leave Purpleborough. It is part of me now. It is my town, my place. I go there a lot to visit.

Suggestions are welcome for the tag line. All will be duly considered.


6 thoughts on “Change my Name?

  1. I’ve always loved the Purpleborough name the whole time I’ve known you.

    Agree about the lipstick and the wrinkles … as soon as I see the slightest sign of that, I’ll quit using it. Don’t use it too much anyway.

    I’ve finally found a blog name I really like [Tassitus], and I’ll keep it even though it was taken in Twitter and Gmail.

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  2. It the names you chose suit your soul, then I wouldn’t change them. That’s Linda.

    Thank you for sharing more bits and pieces about you. I didn’t know those things and it’s nice to learn more.

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