Christmas Card

 Every year it seems that I receive fewer and fewer Christmas cards. I could contribute that to the fact that I stopped sending Christmas Cards some time ago.

Politicians do send Christmas cards and certain businesses as well as those seeking donations.

This year I received the usual cards, which I truly appreciate and write a personal note to these individuals to thank them. Also received one from Congressman Mo Brooks whom I supported back then and one from the catholic school/church whom I have supported.

Much to my surprise I received a very special one: Donald Trump. I had signed up when he first announced he was running for president to campaign for him. I receive emails and have received one call from the person who is working in Birmingham, but never any solicitation emails as I do from the other Republicans.

Therefore, I am very proud to post photos of this card and envelope from Mr. Trump.

Love him or hate him, he is a really great business man.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Card

  1. Seems like many of us are getting fewer and fewer Christmas cards. Perhaps in these days of social media people prefer to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Solstice” on line. Did I wish you a Merry Christmas, Linda? If not, happy belated. Thanks for your good thoughts about my dad. Your health and well-being are in my thoughts as well.

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