Blogging (3/365)

Am I grateful for blogging. Yes, it has given me a platform to express my opinion; a place to clear my mind; a place to meet new people and keep up with those I feel I know through this platform.

The odd thing is that I now feel out of step; off; lost; not in tune with this blogging world. I have changed. They have changed. I am much older than most of the ones I know so is it time to find those who have lived seven decades or longer? I have no wisdom to impart. Like Frank Sinatra’s song, I have lived My Way.

20 thoughts on “Blogging (3/365)

  1. I think that is the surprise of true wisdom – that we are not all that we thought and that wisdom is personal and there is nothing to impart – but to learn to enjoy that surprise anyway we can.

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  2. It comes and goes. I’ve had long down-times, when I’ve read through my old posts and felt very sheepish. I may be younger than you, but I’m a lot older than most people I meet online, having lived six decades. Should I just go offline because I’m sixty?!

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    1. @Rebekah Heavens,NO. Your photographs are beautiful and your post have gotten better and better…full of new things and places. I remember you from way back and your content is funny and down to earth; thoughtful and kind. You are the most tech savvy person I know.

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  3. I may not have seven decades under my belt but insured I enjoy reading your blog! I think we have more things in common than you think ☺️


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