Fiber Optics (2/365)

Fiber Optics is a hard cue for me because as far as I know, I do not have a clue what it is all about except it is lines of wire connecting everything together so that I can have good cable and internet. I am grateful to have this advantage now. I did not grow up with Fiber Optics. We did not have computers or T.V.’s for that matter.

Therefore, I am coming back into my post to say I looked it up: › TERM › FA technology that uses glass (or plastic) threads (fibers) to transmit data. Fiber optics has several advantages over traditional metal communications lines.

Fiber Optics gives me the opportunity to communicate with my children and friends; with my credit card companies, utilities, city, state and national government. It has made more convenient however it has taken away the social interaction of going down to the utilities office and paying our bill perhaps chatting with an old friend who is there for the same reason. Fiber Optics has isolated us to a certain extent. Yet, I shall not complain.

I shall not complain because if some segments of our society have their way it will all be gone one day and the earth will be plunged back to my early days. I could survive on the farm. I know how to sow and reap and I am grateful that my parents taught me these skills.

Christmas tree lights, I think, burn because we have Fiber Optics. No not really after I looked it up…is this right?

DSCF0021.JPG white and gold tree

Chaos would run rampant if our Fiber Optics system failed. I suppose I am thinking of all the grids supporting this convenience which is growing old and could also be taken out by two rogue fellows, if they had a mind to do so.

I am grateful that I could sleep in this morning; that I woke up and was content to make coffee; cinnamon buns in an old oven; and sit down to see what the cue was for the day. For having enough money to be able to do all this, I am grateful.

What a fun thing to do. Have a cue and then have to look up what it is thereby learning something even though you thought you knew what it was! It seems Huntsville updated to Fiber Optics in 2014 or planned to do so.

May all of you be so blessed.

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