New Year’s Day, 01-01-2016 (1/365)

A new year; a blank book. How will we fill the pages?

Home…Rebekah/ will give us a “cue” if you feel you need inspiration. She writes in the mornings. I write when the mood strikes but have committed to write about what I am grateful for each day.

My mom always said: “never sell your house”.  At this time, Home was where I grew up on the farm on Route 2. It will always be where my soul hangs out. However, as time has passed, I now hear myself calling Huntsville Home. It is rather a weird feeling because I was always going back. As you see, I never made it.

I am thankful for that “home” and for the “home” where I now live. All the memories of my old home place live with me here in the antiques and dolls and just everything that I have here that reminds me of that place and time.

All the memories of my children and their growing up resides here in this “home” where all their childhood things still hides in closets and paintings.

Remembered sounds; notes on napkins; Burger Kings and homemade pizza’s.

I am indeed grateful for these two homes and those two children and my parents and siblings for helping to mold me into the person I am today.


The Old Home Place before remodelingLinda in front of old houseHome NowMy home now as it looked in 2003. It looks different now.

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Day, 01-01-2016 (1/365)

  1. I know from these years of blogging, that mornings — that’s usually ‘my time’, but occasionally it could be nights too.

    My home, where I grew up is still there … my brother lives there now. If he were to sell it [which could become a reality sooner rather than later], it would feel very weird. I don’t like to think about it

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