Wandering among cobwebs 

June to December has been a blur. So much has happened.

I did find out that the neuroendocrine neoplasm is caramoid. The EUS was finally discussed by the oncologist who said he tried to call me. Having a smart phone, I knew this not to be true. I asked him what he thought I should feel having been left a month with no communication. He could tell that my trust was completely destroyed. He said, “you do not like me much” and I said I did not need to like him. I needed to know intellectually what he knew and listen to his advice, which had nothing to do with liking him. 

I agreed to take a shot, but it seemed that first he had to have it approved and then he could push it through and all I saw was Big Pharm and dollar signs so by the next morning I opted out. This was Thursday.

All the things that happened Friday is like a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing to borrow from Shakespeare. I shall tell that tale later. 

 For those of you who read this, know I feel well and plan to continue with having a great holiday.

The photo is my grandson the night before leaving. We opened presents, and had a fun time.

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