Great mothers do this…really? I failed then

I am sick and tired of all the platitudes about “if you did this or your floors look like this then you are a good mom.” Really???”

Well, mine were very clean, they were not sticky, I did not know how to cook but a few things. My daughter tells me she ate apple pie for breakfast which I had no clue that she did. It seems the three of us lived in three different worlds. 

As she said, “we turned out o.k.”

So these gooey, goody two shoes quotes we are suppose to like, where is the supporting evidence behind the statement. Yes, I know how to skip over and I do. I know how to not even open FB. There are some fine folk there that I like to see what they are doing so I check them and leave.

I have deleted all the folk I said I would? I have only 49 friends and going down from there.

As a reminder: 

If I would not recognize you on the street or know your name when I saw you, then you are an acquaintance, not a friend. We do not have shared memories and will probably never have any.

If I have never met you through my blog or some other place, do not send  

 me a friend request.

Perhaps you knew my family. I was the black sheep so try not to get me confused with one of the really nice members of my family. That person left a long time ago and started over. I mind my manners, remember he good times with family but they were not always good times. We tended to disagree a lot.

Well, there you have it. I am through with thus rant for now.

10 thoughts on “Great mothers do this…really? I failed then

  1. Just wondering what set you off on the rampage.:.) Since I’ve no children, I can’t relate to this one at all; still you and I do have memories and, on my part, they are all good.

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  2. I agree with you about the difference between “friend” and “acquaintance.” At first I was righteously indignant. Then I thought about my blood pressure and resigned myself to it. I even say someone “friended” me. It’s a slippery slope.

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    1. Blood pressure goes down when you mainly tell the truth 🙂and recognize that all these people on FB are not friends and some are not even acquaintances. Do I want them knowing about my life? Will it matter in five years or even tomorrow? Good for you for recognizing there is a difference. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  3. OMG, I can’t take all the platitudes on facebook. I also (as you may have seen), can’t take the political propaganda. However, I unfriended all of my family on my husband’s side. No one in my family is on facebook. Most of my facebook friends are people I’ve never even met. Here is the reason I like it this way. My facebook friends are mostly authors who I like to have around for networking. Also, I have some real-life friends on fb too. The reason I don’t like having in-law family on facebook is because they ignored me. They got to know what was going on in my life from fb, without having to say one word to me. They didn’t call me. They didn’t email me, nor did they even write to me on facebook. I’d see all the pictures of them getting together without me, not including me, not calling me. I was done with them. They were upset with me when I unfriended them all, because they couldn’t get a sneak peek into my life anymore. It just felt like they wanted me on fb to be nosy, without ever having to put an effort into a relationship with me. They still don’t put an effort into a relationship with me, but at least now they can’t find out about me through facebook anymore.

    As far as being a good parent, I never got the opportunity to find out if I’d have been a good one. But, I think no matter what, all kids will grow up with a hang up or two. I had issues when I grew up, but I’m not sorry. I got just the family I needed for my soul.

    Thank you for reading my rant in your comment box. 😀 Are you still in MASS, or did you make it home?

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    1. Loved your rant. I feel the same way you do about family or people in my home town. I love my WP family, which you know is not many either. I do not like a lot of people following me and reading what I have to say. Funny, I guess.

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