The Medical God’s non update

Well neuroendcrine  is better than adenocarcinoma. Each test I took was to be “definitive” and none where…none can ever be because unbeknownst to the doctors they are not God. I would hate to burst their bubble because you know they spent years learning God Speak.

The EUS was on the 19th of November. The doctor told Kathy, my driver and friend, that he would call me Monday. Backing  into this story, the appointment was moved from 1:30 to 10 a.m.

We arrived on time (having been NPO since 12 midnight) I was already hunger. Passed the admitting gatekeepers and proceeded on to the endoscopy area where we waited, waited, waited, waited….finally it occurred to me that the doctor was not even in the hospital so I proceeded up to the receptionist desk and asked very pleasantly when they expected the doctor to arrive. She immediately said “He arrives after 12.” 

Then I wanted to know why I had been scheduled at 10 a.m. and she said so I could get all the admitting paper work finished. Then I said “I brought that with me already filled out.” So number one, they have a scheduling problem. Number two they have a cleanliness problem. The waiting area was not clean; the halls were not clean and the one bathroom fits all was in dire need of help…paper towels, seat covers, soap, etc. No wonder staff infection, MRSI, and other infectious diseases run rampant in hospitals. I do not want to go back there. 

Finally, I was taken at 1:30…sound familiar? My original appointment time. In the surgical area we were stuffed in like little wieners…the kind you get in a can. The best lab tech they had could not find my vein and I said “I guess not, I am dehydrated by now.” They were glad to put me to sleep! I did tell a joke. I do not think anyone got it. Here it is:

Charles Dickens went into his favorite bar very depressed and said to the bartender, “I am all out of words; I cannot write anymore.”

The bartender looked at him bored and said:

“Would you like 

An olive


A twist.”

When I awoke, Kathy and I went to Waffle House to eat and then I went home to go back to sleep. My throat was a little dry and sore as was my abdominal area. I did not know they did four passes with the needle into the pancreas. The doctor told Kathy he would call Monday.

The next day my sister and her husband arrived for the weekend. I ordered Steak Out which went over big with my brother-in-law. On Saturday we went to the Blue Plate Cafe for lunch. I had catfish and I think he had Southern Fried Chicken. My sister had a vegetable plate and got  spinach which she was not suppose to have because she is on warfarin. So she now has been sick for awhile. The green beans nor spinach is good there but everything else seems great. 

They left Sunday morning and I recleaned the house because I knew I had to pack for Boston to leave on Wednesday.

Monday came….no phone call.

Tuesday I went to Medical Records to pick up a copy of my medical report and to ask billing for a detailed bill. I did not tell them but I wanted to see how much 3 Kleenex cost.

I have yet to speak to a doctor. His nurse returned my call earlier this week and said he wanted me to come in to get started with some kind of shot for diarrhea. I laughed and said “good luck with that. I am contispated, but I will come because all the doctors have lied to me and made promises they did not keep.”

Therefore no update. 

The big news is that cancer is a big business. There is a cure but each time AMA squashes it because Big Drug companies   would go broke, doctors would lose lots of money. They need for us to have cancer. There is something really wrong with the medical profession.

There is more because I left the gastro Doctor a message which was pretty much….you lied and you need to go home where your people might tolerate you. I do not want to ever see you again…..I think I did a total meltdown on him.

I feel great physically. I do not think I can trust the doctors in Huntsville. Mentally, I have decided not to have this. So life goes on. 

Having a good time in Boston. 


21 thoughts on “The Medical God’s non update

  1. Dear Linda — You are ‘spot on’ when it comes to the cancer industry. They need our bodies to make themselves money. After 6 chemo treatments (They said there would be three – they said they would not intrude with my one fall class) — They lied.) I am about to go north also. To Jamestown, N.Y. I will be driving with my nephew Alex, who is flying down to Dallas just to keep company on route. Enjoy Boston this Christmas! Peace — Bobby

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    1. Good that you have company driving north. I hope your chemo worked to some extent…I wish I were in Huntsville in case you came through. I am probably closer here, however.

      The weather has been nice and having Jackie’s two cats to keep me company brings back the Raggs/Krystal era. The photo is Sunrise.

      Take care and hopefully get that course in, in spite of those lying folk…I am sure you know who is really in charge.

      Have a happy, peaceful, joyful Christmas.


    1. Thanks, Bonnie. My daughter has two cats. This is Sunrise. She has rescued so many kittens. I am so happy to have cats to live with each day. They had their Acura repaired for me to drive so I am having fun just tooling around!
      I feel like I am doing nothing in the haiku group. Tomorrow I am sure I will be inspired to write something not related to cancer.

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  2. OMG, this sounds like the trouble I had in Florida with healthcare. I could write a novel about those experiences. I will spare you. I totally agree with you about cancer and drug companies. I believe there must be a cure out there, but people are being forced to use sustaining (poisonous) drugs instead. If cancer is permanently cured, that would be one huge “account” they’d lose. I guess they’d have to put more people on their mental health drugs. 😛

    I’m so sorry you are having difficulty with healthcare. I hope the Universe works to find you just the right caretakers to promote your good health. I’m glad you’re enjoying your visit in Boston. You are still in my daily prayers, which means I think of you every day. Hugs.

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  3. I love your joke (and yes, I laughed).

    The medical profession…*sigh* It’s all wrong, all backwards. It has to be or no one would make any money because there is no money in prevention and good health and cures. Even death doesn’t pay so they keep people alive long after they should. I’ve had too much contact with the medical industry (through medical schools, pharmacies, and Big Pharma companies) to trust it. Isn’t that a sad state of affairs?

    Staffing and cleanliness are huge problems. Profits are key so keeping staff low and underpaid are important. Without the proper staff, things don’t get cleaned and scheduling isn’t done well (if at all, in some cases).

    It is so important to not only advocate for yourself, but to have someone you trust along to help advocate for you. Sending you healing thoughts/energy.

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      1. I’m ready to join you. The problem is that so many people still think of doctors as gods (and they do treat med students as if they are gods, doing everything possible to keep them in school — it’s the money, again — rather than flunking them and showing them the door). Being ill is scary, too, for a lot of people. How do you start a revolution against those who claim they can help when illness is frightening for so many? That said, I don’t stand for mistreatment of any kind, including scheduling errors or ineptitude. I walk out and make them reschedule me if I can. It’s not always an option (especially if I waited months for an appointment or the problem is such that I want or feel I need to be seen ASAP), but if it is an option (usually well visits), I politely remind the receptionist that I was on time, that my time is valuable, and they are welcome to pay me for waiting if they wish for me to stay. Otherwise, I’ll come back another day when they have their act together. Some of them try to pull “we’ll bill you for the visit whether you stay or not.” I won’t pay for services not rendered but if they want to play that game, I tell them I’ll bill them for the time I wasted sitting there as well as expenses such as mileage, gas, etc. I’m not rude or mean about it. I just think they need politely reminded from time to time that our world does not revolve around the doctor, and that we have time and lives that matter, too.

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        1. Your approach is excellent and if just a few of us keep doing this and try to get one or two to join us, a small dent is being made. I, too, have asked politely to be rescheduled because they did not keep the appointment time within a 15 minute margin of error. When others in the waiting room see this, they may decide to do this as well. Kudos on being an example! Keep up the good fight knowing there is a little old lady who is doing the same thing in Huntsville, Al and have been doing this for about 15 years. Some friends are one doing the same thing. Remember, one person can change the world.(I still believe this. 🙃 out of the box thinking!

          Thank you for this conversation. I feel I am getting to know you better each time.

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          1. I will have one of those sandwiches…..and I have always tried to get outside at least once a day. With age, it becomes real important to stay involved in some way even if, like me, it is always alone.


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