PET scan report

There is good news!

Normal activity within the brain, kidneys, ureters and bladder with normal bowel activity and no evidence of abdominal aortic aneurysm with no visual acute intraabdominal abnormality.

Other findings…or lmpressions…

The Impressions used words like ominous, contemplated, possibilities….there were three areas…

Here is my take….

1. I have acid reflux which has not been treated and the activity within the esophageal region, in two places, means I should lay off the Tums and be treated properly for this inflammation.

2. Same as above…mentioning an adjacent lymph node, possibly.

3. This was related to the pancreatic mass. The possibilities for this were…

….could reflect a pancreatic neoplasm

….an enlarged metastatic lymph node (could be considered)

….lymphoma or gastrointestinal stromal cell tumor might be considered

….an atypical pancreatic neoplasm such as mucinous neoplasm such as mucinous cysadenocarcinoma might be considered as well

Don’t you love all those words!

This did little to inform me of what might “possibly” be running amuck  here.

It did say I was alive and had some “hot”places in my body that needs some attention. That is my take away.

Maybe the next test will clarify and identify what may be wrong. Having a slow growing pancreatic mass was new but a  long-standing spot on my right lung and heartburn is not knew. I think leaving my lung alone would be wise, treating my heartburn would make my life more pleasant and substantiating the status of the mass would be good.

On the 19th I will have what is called an EUS with ultrasound. This is where they sedate you, drop a light into your abdominal cavity, look around at the esophageas and stomach as well as performing a needle biopsy of the pancreatic mass.

I then will have enough time to prepare for Thanksgiving with family in Boston.

The oncologist will call with results. That is good because my daughter can listen to what he has to say!

I was disappointed with the PET scan results. Perhaps I expected too much. The doctor and I spent time talking about the fundraiser he particaped in to help raise money for children in need in our area. He won…not because of his dance skills 😏 folk voted for each participant by donating…there are a lot of cancer patients who voted and the organization raised $300,000. to help the children.

He presented the results. I think I said, so we do not know conclusive information so we proceed on from here. I had to go, I stated. It was getting dark and I cannot see to drive in the dark. I laughingly said, “you do not want to lose your favorite cancer patient to an automobile accident.” He said that was not going to happen.

I drove on invisible roads knowing intellectually they were there and trusting my car knew the way home.

8 thoughts on “PET scan report

  1. I have no idea what any of this means, other than you don’t really know more than you did before. Sigh. I have horrible acid reflux. Had it for years. Nothing I take helps, even prescriptions. Had an endoscopy a year ago and nothing was found.
    Good luck on the 19th. Hugs & prayers from this end.


  2. Yes, I do love those words … that was my working life for so many years. I hope he explained, thoroughly, the findings and what they meant. The 19th will probably do the trick. Good thing that your daughter will be able to listen in.

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