Carrying Raggedy Ann Home, one persons journey with cancer

This is the lost update showing up today….strange but I can , at least correct some errors.

As promised, an update.

A PET scan is scheduled for Wednesday. I am told that they put sugar in your veins ( no it is radiation) and that you can feel it as it goes throughout the veins of your body ( I felt nothing) They place you in a closed CT tube ( seemed open to me) so if I am claustrophobic they will give me a mild sedative. I haven’t decided yet whether I should be claustrophobic  or not. ( I was not but had the sedative anyway)

I need to check on those folk tomorrow to make sure that they have all my orders correct. You know, sometime messages get lost in translation. Patients being in charge is growing more and more common each day. This is the way it should be. We pay them…they work for us. We take their advice or not. We have a choice.

They wanted to schedule the scan this past Tuesday but I had made it clear to the doctor and his medical assistant that I had a yard sale to finish putting together. That was not translated to the scheduling department. So they called back with this date for a later time and once again I said that the hourly time was not good that I needed an earlier time. So on the third call, we were all happy!

No, one could not call me a compliant patient according to the general definition, except I am compliant to myself and my needs.

The pneumonia medication is finished, the cough lingers.

The results will be in a week from Monday.

Today I have clean house day from the very successful yard sale, because I am required to do nothing strenunous for 48 hours prior to the scan. These instructions I will follow because I do not want to have to repeat the test over. It may not be fun, even though I plan to make it so.

Have a great week. I am.



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