Carrying Raggedy Ann Home, One persons journey with cancer

Today it rained. I do love rainy days. Piddly around in the house; ate a late breakfast, took a nap; showered and left for the urologist appointment at 2.

Nice guy. Front staff not very happy with no smiles. Sometimes you just have to let some things be. Did not have to wait long; urinated in a cup (clean catch); BP taken, a little high, temp a little low for me at 97.4 so maybe some low grade fever.

The doctor was very nice. I guessed his exact age….funny how we got to that. He wanted to know how I got there and I gave the story of having a very small amount of blood in the urine, the aging kidney cysts, meaning these things are common as you grow older. No blood in urine he said; he inserted a speculum, and then felt around in my bladder. I had forgotten how a speculum feels. He said no nodules in the bladder and he did not need to see me again. Would let Mahapatra know. However he reminded me to keep the oncologist appointment. He had just seen that Doctor.

I Asked him if he needed any speculums but he said his father had been a OB/GYN so he had all his father’s and went on to say that the table I had been on was also from his father’s practice. His father retired the day he graduated from med school.

Nice story. Nice Doctor.

Back in the rain and car to oncologist office. Their front desk staff needs help as well which was reported by me hours later. I refused to do any lab work because my one vein is still shot from the CT scan dye. They had funny questions on their forms which I had fun with: When was your last menstrual period? Answer: Are you for real? I am 77, how should I know?

Asking you to sign that you would be a compliant patient and follow up with treatments, etc. Answer: no I am never compliant and refuse to sign this without knowing what would be suggested. Thus it went. My appointment was at 4, I was the last patient for the day and finally saw the doctor at 5:30. Then the fun started.

The back staff was great fun. My BP was down from 2 p.m. Good oxygen and then it was weighing time: I weighed 7 lbs more since the a.m. So I declared the scales needed to be calibrated…they shrunk my height by 3 inches and I wanted to know how they shrunk me and if it had to do with my surgical absent bladder. I had no lunch so being hunger I asked what they were serving starving, overweight patients. The options were discussed and I finally settled on pretzels,  one small snicker bar and ginger ale on the rocks with a touch of vodka.

This really set off a peal of laughter. Having no room to stash me in, I had to stay at the nurses’s station. Finally I stopped with the nonsense and sat kinda quietly until a room opened…hospital green with turkey prints on the wall…tis the season. Entertained myself with email, news etc. on iPhone. Doctor finally arrived and said he had saved the best ’til last and I said,Indeed you did.

He asked about my lab report and I said I had refused so he said they would do that when I came back for a PET. Scan. I said: Stop Right there. Who said anything about next time and explain in detail about a PET Scan. He did explain and then I said there were a couple of things he needed to know. I had only one reason for having the test done. I wanted the 5H1AA, the blood work for the T19 genetic marker to determine if it were pancreatic cancer and that I would do the PET scan to see if the pancreas and lung were hot or cold and the endoscopy to see into my abdomen. I needed for him to diagnose me with neuroendocrine cancer or pNET. He understood.

The treatment options were none.

He said I had the last word and I said no, God has the last word. After agreeing I had trumped him, he said I was in charge and he would be my advisor. We laughed through all this exchange. He stated he loved honest people, hugged me lots of times.

Asked him if he were going to be late for his dance lesson (he is dancing for charity) he said no he had to go on the elliptical which I declared would age him that he needed to go to one of those weight loss clinics like Arize that uses radio frequency. I asked if he needed speculums. He wanted to know why I had speculums so I told him. I asked if he had paid all his medical school bills; he had but has 4 children…one in college, and three daughters about to be married. I suggested he might want to sell the speculums on the street corner ’cause he was in deep trouble with all that coming up and I truly felt better off  than him.

All such great fun. It was getting dark but he wanted to give me a tour of the Center. Then I said I had some papers he needed to sign stating he was responsible if something happened to me going home because I cannot see to drive at night!

As I left the building, the flag was blowing in the twilight sky and then there appeared a triple rainbow so very bright. I stopped and made a photograph. On my way home through downtown the church bells not only rang ending with a beautiful hymn. A very peaceful trip with one stop…

Time for Krystal hamburgers…2.

Tomorrow they will call to schedule the test so I will sign off. Get through this yard sale and get prepared to spend Thanksgiving in Boston.

Thank those of you who chose to follow here.


P.S. Remember as you age that your kidneys thin and you may have cysts

your gallbladder may become surgically absent

your appendix ( when there is none) may have clear space

laughter is the best medicine

11 thoughts on “Carrying Raggedy Ann Home, One persons journey with cancer

  1. Well, I felt like I came along with you on your appointments today. I don’t know what some of those medical terms are that you mentioned. Is there a chance it might not be cancer?

    You are still in my daily prayers, which means I think of you every day. It’s great that you’re being humorous about it all. I’ve tried that with doctors office staff (when in Florida). No one seemed to get my humor. I rarely met a doctor’s staff that was pleasant there.

    You have a busy time ahead. Will be praying on this end. Hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No. Cancer it is. Whether is slow growing or cool, or whether it is active, hot, I will find out Wednesday. That will tell the story of whether I die sooner or die of old age with cancer.b

      Had a great day! Doctor is on track by knowing on in the drivers seat, so to speak.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your sense of humor. I am so glad to see you are in charge. So often the medical community takes over, and so much of what they do does nothing to contribute to length or quality of life. Will keep you in my thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Robin. Yes they do try. We all need to learn that they work for us; we pay them; therefore, we are indeed in charge. They can advise; we can then decide.

      I find it much easier to laugh at myself and not to take things too seriously. Life is to be lived and enjoyed and when your time is up, it is up.

      Thank you for your comment and compliment.


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