Carrying Raggedy Ann Home, A personal Journey with Cancer

 Sunday’s are the least favorite day of the week. It goes back to after the divorce and my ex-husband would pick up my two for Sunday lunch. His visitation was the entire weekend. He did not avail himself of this privilege choosing to make them “Sunday Children”.  I cleaned house while they were gone and prepared their school clothes for the next week. We did not have as much, but they would be clean and pressed. It seemed to me that they came home sad. Maybe this was just my perception. Later, it came to my attention that he and his significant other loved to “trash ” me. I was an alcoholic….where did I get the money to buy liquor or even wine? Yes, I smoked for which I am now very sorry. I hate the smell of smoke now and because my Dad was an alcoholic, I was terrified of becoming addicted. 
 Therefore, on Sunday’s when my task were done, I would think of my childhood home and place my mind there with my Raggedy Ann, dressing and undressing her in all the many outfits my mom had made for her. My mom must have loved me very much. She would help me unstuff Raggedy Ann, wash her gently, and then we would restuff her all clean and new. I slept with her every night, still do.

I have looked up items for the yard sale; tried to remember the past is forever gone and now Raggedy Ann and I are on a different journey finding our way back to that farm I loved then and now. 

I ate at Waffle House for breakfast and Brenda brought me a great lunch. The pillows are still drying and I think I shall numb out on Hallmark’s Chanel movies…unreal expectations in love and life.

Hope your Sunday has been great; if you were in a place of worship, I hope the leader did not keep you longer than 15 minutes! Our attention span is about that long.

Tomorrow I have two doctors appointment; one I will simply urinate in a cup; not a clue what the Oncologist will say. Whatever it is will be great as I dance through the clouds and rain.

Come dance with me?

11 thoughts on “Carrying Raggedy Ann Home, A personal Journey with Cancer

  1. I love reading about you and learning more about your life. You come from such a different place and time than me, but we have many similarities. My dad is also an alcoholic, and I too, was terrified of becoming an addict (never did, and refused to do drugs even from teenage peer pressure).

    If there comes a time during any of your treatment plan that you’d like to read, I’d love to send you my unpublished novel (women’s fiction based on real events). You could read it at your leisure.


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      1. Well, my novel is fiction. I mixed the pretend with reality.

        I hope you write more of your stories here on the blog.

        I can’t remember, did I ever send you the short story of my spiritual experience? I sent it to Kathy, and thought I sent it to you, too.

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  2. I’m glad Raggedy Ann still keeps you company. What lovely memories she holds. I still have a doll that my mom made clothes for. Every Christmas I’d find her under the tree in a new outfit. Hugs.

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