Adenocarcinoma of Pancreas October 24,2015

Today when I awakened I was full of energy and decided to clean the house as much as possible. Breakfast this a.m. Was Cheerios with blueberries, peaches and pears with almond milk. Just as I poured the milk I thought, “oh no, I posted on Facebook; my daughter is on FB but rarely reads anything I post, but what if she did?” Therefore I called her to fill her in briefly. She was quite calm and I was in my professorial role of giving information and helping the greater good. We laughed because she was eating granola cereal chomping in my ear while my cereal was getting soggy. She asked why I poured the milk and I had to confess that I had forgotten she was an hour ahead and I was afraid they would be gone by the time I finished the cereal. Her son did have soccer at 10:30. After briefly confirming Thanksgiving in Boston with them we hung up.

Then I did not want any of the coffee I had in my house so I called Brenda to see if I could buy a Breakfast Blend for a quarter from her. She laughed and said I could have the coffee. Finally settled, I finished breakfast.

Wishing to delay the process of organizing the many different yard sale categories, I called two friends I had not spoken with in a couple of months. Ann was fine; Mary Ellen sounded more like she had pneumonia than I.

The inevitable was upon me so I started with the kitchen, moved to the breakfast area on into the den, the front bedroom, the middle bedroom and two bathrooms. I washed a lot of stuff. Finally swept everything and will vacuum tomorrow and finish up with the living room being last. I have to mop the wood floors and the three bathrooms as well.

If one might be sick, best to have one clean spot for folk to perch and clean bathrooms.

Coughed up some “stuff ” last night, had to take the Benadryl with the antibiotic because of the yellow dye. Can you imagine what kind of zombie I will be by the end of 10 days.

I only had one worry today. Perhaps it sounds trivial, however my mom made me a rag dollar my fifth Christmas. We were very poor, but a five year old does not know this…well I did not. Raggedy Ann has been my constant companion for all these years. I cannot go off and leave her. Therefore, she will have to go where I go. I picked her up and reassured the 72 year old doll that I would never leave her.

Funny for the day: on my CT scan report it states:

Gallbladder: Surgically absent.

If you see it running around being absent, would you please send it back to me, even though I had it removed in the late 90’s, it is now surgically absent….lol.

Feel good about my day and the progress made in clearing the material knick knacks. Less is more and the gifts from friends, children, nature (lichen in a basket) make me happier.

Hope your day was filled with good things and that your football team won.

Thank you for all your kind comments. Time for another shower and off to bed.

5 thoughts on “Adenocarcinoma of Pancreas October 24,2015

  1. Haha. I’ll be on the lookout for your gallbladder. But, it’s getting chilly here, it might be headed south for winter.

    So good to read your good spirits, Miss Linda. I wish we lived closer. Hugs.

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