We think we want to be understood, however do we really want others to understand us? If they truly understood us then surely they can enslave us with this knowing, this understanding. Is it then understanding we want or is it someone to sit in silence with us not knowing, only being with us in our solitude?

5 thoughts on “Understanding

    1. I wonder if we all feel alienated from the minute we are born into this strange world of light and sound? Having tried to be understood most of my life this sense of “having to write this” perhaps gave me pause to think “did you really want to be understood” or is it a myth that we or anyone can ever really understand another human being without walking in their shoes “Atticus Finch”?

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      1. About the last part … “without walking in their shoes”; NO, we can’t … ever, but we can try. That’s the only thing we can do.

        When I realize that someone actually does understand something, unexpectedly perhaps, … it feels nice, though 🙂

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