Home Sick

Have you ever been homesick 

For things that are forever past

For things that are not meant to last?

The soul turns loose

The mind holds fast

To things that never last. 

Have you ever been homesick

To see a face, to hear a voice 

Things of the past 

That never last.

Have you ever been homesick

For a place in time

For that moment past

That you thought would last

For that moment held dear

For that voice, that face

For a day in time

Which would be the last .

9 thoughts on “Home Sick

    • I thought about this Saturday sitting on the back porch with my daughter (Boston). It seemed, all of a sudden, that this is what it is all about, no matter where you are at the time. I wrote this, with that invisible Being guiding my pen, as well as Understanding and Knowing, all within ten minutes. The pen just kept writing!

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      • That is so cool, Linda, how the Spirit led you with your pen. I’ve only had that happen to me so fully a couple of times. Having moved back “home,” I really related to this. Your poem made me realize that my homesickness really wasn’t about this place, but about the feeling I had in this place. I’m so glad you shared it.

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  1. This is almost a little strange; I came by TWO posts about homesickness here in WP, one after the other.
    I know something about homesickness … or is it nostalgia?! It’s not always about a place, or people … it’s a feeling, that’s hard to explain. We do have a Swedish word for it, that can’t be fully translated. When I look it up, it says ‘nostalgia’, but there’s something more to it 🙂

    Once in my life, I’ve had it happen to me too, that a “Higher Power” guided my pen like that. Amazing feeling. I’d been listening to an interview with Bono on the radio, and I was just overcome with this feeling I had to write! It was quite amazing …

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    • Perhaps there is something about the ending of Summer and the beginning of Fall that caused at least two of us to write on the same subject. Nostalgia is a good word for this but as you say, a little more. Thank you for your insight. Just saw my grandson off to his first day of Seventh grade….meaning I am fairly close to you here in Boston😊

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