Great Aunt Am

Aunt AM and FamilyThe elegant lady who pieced the top that Pat Sinople quilted.

She had a beautiful voice and a sad life, in my opinion. When we were sick, she would read to us. She read the entire book, Gone with the Wind to Mother when she was sick.



5 thoughts on “Great Aunt Am

    • She did not talk much. She was married to a widow with six children and he divorced her saying ” she was mean”. I have read that divorce decree so this is not hearsay.
      She lived with her sister, my grandmother the rest of her life helping raise the children. She cooked a lot…always had a pot of tomato soup ready to serve before lunch and dinner or dinner and supper.
      She had asthma and coughed a lot. I do not remember her laughing, therefore I assumed she was sad.

      She might have been very happy. I really do not know . I hope so.

      Thank you for your comment, reminding me not to judge. She was a giver . For that insight, thank you.

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