Great Aunt Am’s Quilt

Pat Sinople quilted this top for me. She is a very sweet neighbor, always willing to help.

Mother gave me the hand pieced top and stated that Aunt Am had pieced this top. It was kept with all the other old quilt but I could never find someone to quilt it for me.

Pat teaches quilting at her church…the prayerimage quilts are a favorite. When I showed her this quilt she volunteered to quilt it for the cost of the materials.

I need to photograph the back side to show her detailed work. Some of the material is from flour sacks; some is satin…she used whatever scraps she had. I am forever grateful for this act of kindness by my neighbor, Pat, for her 3 days of work to make this a top I can now showcase on a bed.

9 thoughts on “Great Aunt Am’s Quilt

  1. This is beautiful, Linda (right?). I was never into sewing but my Mom and Mother-in-Law were experts at it. It’s amazing what all went into it and what a nice and thoughtful neighbor, too!
    Have a good day, Lauren


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