Sharing my ordinary day

during the early morning hours

I remembered something important

Where were the papers I had put together

To research in the archives

A thumb drive

A printout of someone’s memories

A reference book, I wanted to

Double check

Dates and time

Took a pill

To slow my mind and

Go back to sleep.

6:30 black coffee with Sister Schubert rolls and homemade white sausage gravy

(Made by a neighbor, remember I do not cook)

My new clock at front entry. I like bling!

My new clock at front entry. I like bling!

Watched CBS morning show….a very special edition

The final sign off

Finally, I gathered my courage to look

In the last box

Sure enough the papers were there

No thumb drive or Passport

I searched under the table

The pie safe

In bins

To no avail.

It was time to give up

So I did

It will either be in plain sight

I’ll see it

Or it is gone

Either way, there is nothing I can do

Therefore, I showered

Ate lunch….vanilla jello pudding with frozen raspberries and about three walnuts.

Off to Dollar General for Antacids…and powdered donuts

Maybe I also got chocolate as well😏

Thought at three pm, I would eat the Panera Bread broccoli and cheese soup.

It was out of date even on the day I purchased same

Target gave me a refund

Starbucks and I made up an ice coffee for me with coconut milk and vanilla flavoring

Think it needs some refinement since the Barrister had to put in 9 squirts of vanilla to make it sweet

I can make coffee, I have coconut milk and Stevia

I think that would be less calories!!

To Wendy’s where I designed a baked potato treat. For dinner.

Sat on the neighbor’s front porch

Another neighbor came

We always talk flowers

Came home to wait for my sister to call

I call her every night at seven but they are in Omaha

So she called at seven

They were cold on the plane

Had gotten up at 3:30 and was tired

Hope they have a good time at this Roads Scholar program

She is 83 and he is 88

They get around very well

Most of the time

Darkness has fallen

The world seems so peaceful

At dusk.

I hope your day was filled with happiness.

4 thoughts on “Sharing my ordinary day

  1. Linda, I don’t want to be critical … call this constructive criticism. It would be better to edit your work … read it over and over. This piece had a number of errors … plain “sight.” To Wendy’s “where” … Sat on a “neighbor’s” porch … “Rhodes” Scholar … But I enjoyed reading it a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mary Kay, I do not believe in editing or reading things over and over. I write and never reread. Sometimes the intuitive part of writing writes wrong things. It is just my record of my day so my children will have some idea what I do each day. I often wonder what my mom did. She did not keep a diary and I did not live close so I do not know. This makes me sad. No apologies for the errors a d I think that it really is Roads Scholar to differentiate from the real Rhodes Scholars! Glad you enjoyed reading even as I assaulted your writers ear or whatever. It is only a diary. I did not think anyone would read.
      Hope you are well and happy. I am.


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