Sharing my day

Today at 4 am, it was dark

ate an early breakfast

Sister Schubert roll with chicken nuggets and Pure Maple Syrup


needed to eat to take another one of those prednisone pills

5:30 a.m the clouds hung low

I walked the streets

the sun hidden

behind those clouds

home again to work in the yard

removed the diseased Knockout Rose bush out front

tackled the out of place Monkey Grass

hidden bulbs embedded within the grass

planted those next to their ancestors

blooms pink, popping up when it is their time to pop up

shared another tomato plant with neighbor

the plant that came up unexpectedly

from bird poop now has populated the yard in odd places

birds are our friends

they help spread plants

some like my tomato’s

feed the entire community

came in tired and sweaty, showered, slept


ate lunch, Panera Bread Tomato soup with Rice Thin gluten free crackers

peaches for dessert

somewhere I ate the three chicken nuggets left from breakfast with a butterscotch pudding and a tiny Payday…ah, yes, before my nap

now it is 4 pm and The Five is on

i watch most days

finished “Not Cool” by Greg Gutfield

turned out better than I first thought because I was biased against the use of profanity

thinking that he had an impressive vocabulary and could have found other words

it is his book; I chose to read; do not whine

waved at ROBIN from my back gate late yesterday evening

she lives online at Breezes at Dawn

writes a nifty blog

received an email from daughter with Summer schedule

will go there at some point

hope you had a normal day filled with useful tasks or a non normal day filled with un normal things that made you happy

we keep the world balanced

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