3 thoughts on “The Conversation

  1. I had the conversation with my mother before she was old. Just as well – now that she has Alzheimers it would be impossible. We’ve also had the conversation with our son and daughter. One found it easy – the other incredibly hard. Something that has to be faced…..

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  2. It was an incredible freeing experience for me to let them know everything was in order. I had to do this by email because it has never been convenient for them to be here together. Therefore, I do not know how they feel. I just did this last week. No response, per se, except my daughter called to ask what was up. Was I ok? I just said that everything was ok, however, I felt they should know my final wishes because at my age no day is a guarantee. I think she understood.
    Thank you for your comment. Waiting is difficult. Tomorrow everything will go fine and perhaps things can go on in a more normal pattern, whatever that pattern is for you. ((Hugs))


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