Share my world every day

Weather gray and cloudy

rolled out of bed

dressed in workout clothes….hahaha

off to McDonald’s to visit with the WWII vets who meet there every morning

they give good advice and seem to know where to go for just about anything

they tolerate me as one of the guys, knowing I am not there to flirt or find a husband

they are genuine persons whom I respect and like

had an egg, cheese,bacon biscuits

came home and burned my throat with warm (hot) vinegar, water and honey…had to take to the bed while the pain went away, felt like a heart attach, kind of

just so you know, or care to know, I  am writing this as a diary for my children, in case they ever wonder, as I do, what my mother did every day.

7 thoughts on “Share my world every day

  1. I like it. I originally started blogging for a similar reason, although I’m not sure what it’s turned into at this point. It’s still a diary of sorts for my granddaughters, but I go off in different directions every now and then (usually with photo challenges).

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